Environmental-cultural-events- 12/06/2022 – Great success for the musical essay of the secondary school of Pomarico

Great success for the musical essay of Pomarico Secondaire


The evening of June 7th, in the Pomarico sports hall, the closing of the music-oriented classes of the secondary high school. The girls and boys from the music class performed a beautiful repertoire of pop and classical music in a beautiful ensemble of clarinets, piano, trumpets and guitars. The desired and expected concert comes at the end of a year of intensive work, coordinated and followed by musical instruments prof. Francesco Buzzella, Prof. Valentina Madalena, Prof. Marco Sinno and Prof. Alberico Larato. The pupils and pupils were finally able to perform in a live show, after the forced pause required by the pandemic emergency, under the proud gaze of the schoolteacher Caterina Policaro, the mayor Francesco Mancini and the municipal administration of Pomarico, who led to the realization contributed. the evening, as well as the parents and teachers of the institute.

Wonderful evening and wonderful show comments Prof Angela Armandi, Plexus Speaker of Pomarico Secondaire. The boys showed off their skills and talents.

Also great was the satisfaction of the community administration, which greeted the teachers and children with glorious congratulations, giving them a plaque of appreciation for their ingenious musical performances, a source of pride for the whole citizen.

During the evening, the scholarship check was delivered by the president of the Gianfranco Lupo Association to the first year of high school, Maria Diletta Provenzano, for the significant improvements in the disciplinary and behavioral areas that were achieved during the school year. The association, which is engaged on several fronts in the social field, has been rewarding for years, on the recommendation of the class council, the boys and girls from the first grade, a class that Gianfranco Lupo attended to keep his memory alive . Activities of great ethical value and humanitarian.

Teacher Caterina Policaro thanked all the classes from the music address and the Pomarico Plexus, and thanked the teachers and acknowledged: The concert welcomes in a best way a challenging school year for everyone, maybe even more than before. The school, however, has proceeded with determination and courage, true to its responsibility and its mission: to care for every pupil and every pupil, to promote their education in every way in a peaceful and stimulating environment, nevertheless. We hope that we will now proceed from the danger of contagion in the best possible way to restore the normality of the school and beyond. The figures who are interested in the territory and in the education of young people, who belong to the school world, the local administration, the teachers and families, will from now on have the opportunity to find each other, we often hope in a festive atmosphere. reap the fruits of their commitment.


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