Environment-culture-events- 03/29/2022 – “For a more supportive and fraternal society: Reflections on intercultural dialogue

“For a more supportive and fraternal society: reflections on intercultural dialogue


It was discussed at IIC Pythagoras by Policoro in the presence of Don Pino Marino, Bishop’s President for Catholic Education and Pastoral Education, who, together with Teacher Maria Carmela Stigliano and Professor Pietro Silletti, Professor of Religion, explored the whole issue. School community of students and teachers who participated in the event from a distance. The conference wanted to highlight precisely the need for a constructive, intercultural dialogue to reflect true knowledge of the other, to break down the walls of separation that arise from forms of prejudice closure that create a quiet and favorable Do not allow climate. to achieve a supportive, peaceful and fraternal society. Some were the thoughts of the children who exhibited in the tour Don Pino, starting with school and church, all are actors and protagonists in a different way, called to create a civilized and humanized society, for healthy and authentic growth of new generations. An interesting debate arose and Don Pino Marino reiterated how today the school is facing a very complex challenge, which has its own identity and the goals it has always set itself, one of the most important tasks of the new millennium , which are transferred from the cultural heritage of the past, so that we can read the skin with it, to gain the skills to build a better future, through study, the formation of a critical conscience and a new sensitivity. A conference that unequivocally revealed that the school is an institution in society and for society, a meeting place in cultural, ethical and human education for whole generations, and therefore becomes the privileged place where the arts know how one should live. It was important to consider the concept of solidarity and fraternity in the IIS “Pythagoras”, both in the articles of the Constitution and in the documents of the Church, which show a responsible and supportive attitude towards society and in particular vis-à-vis those who are particular. vulnerable. “Only by changing education can the world be changed,” with this important reflection by Pope Francis, the day of Pythagoras of Policoro came to an end, which will surely be re-proposed as soon as possible in the presence of Bishop Don Vincenzo. Orofino to whom the thanks of all present.





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