Enna – School Building. Five redevelopment projects presented

The Technical Office of the Free Community Consortium of Enna, headed by Chief Engineer Giuseppe Grasso, did not escape the opportunity offered by the Department of Education and Vocational Training of the Sicily Region to fund projects to improve quality standards and training courses. the provincial schools in the area. The head of the institution’s school building service, Basilio Politi, actually presented five applications this morning, for so many provincial schools, in response to the department’s opinion – Regional Department of Education, University and the Right to Study, Special Office for School and University Buildings in connection with Action 10.7.1.

The measure concerns “Interventions for the rehabilitation of the environment to combat early school leaving and the recovery of education delays, including in relation to the problems with the inclusion of disadvantaged people and the improvement of services , which are available to school users “. The provincial institutes benefiting from the projects are F.lli Testa of Nicosia, F. Fedele of Regalbuto, Ettore Majorana Cascino of Piazza Armerina, Abraham Lincoln of Enna and Agira for a total amount of 1 million and 150 thousand euros. Of the five projects presented by the Libero Consorzio, 4 are managed directly by the school managers.

In particular, the works for the F.lli Testa Institute of Nicosia provide for the arrangement of the external playground used for athletics, with the adaptation of the light track and the construction of a multipurpose field, where the students also five-a-side coach can Fussball.um 5, volleyball and tennis. The gymnasium and the outdoor area are arranged with the creation of cross-country courses in the Istituto Fedele di Regalbuto. The construction of a multimedia library is also planned in some rooms that are currently unused. Instead, for Majorana Cascino in Piazza Armerina, the construction of a projection laboratory for Cineforum, a multimedia library, a creative laboratory, a musical and an audio-lighting technician is planned. For the Lincoln Institute of Enna, the outer area is being redeveloped. The surrounding environment and the quality of the trees are strengthened to create a place for learning and socializing through the creation of a laboratory class. There will also be chemistry and computer labs. In addition, for the Agira site, the project envisages the redesign of the cellars to accommodate an auditorium.

“We are therefore giving concrete attention to the needs that have been expressed several times by the school managers during my visits to the institutions – commented the extraordinary commissioner of the Free Municipal Consortium of Enna, Girolamo Di Fazio – also thanks to the funding of the region, which in this case, aims to reduce the phenomenon of early school leaving and allow more accessibility to the environment by favoring full-time projects.The projects include actual gym classes, laboratories, the new function of the premises abroad with the search for an increase of the tendency of young people to stay in the training context “.


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