Engineering brings digital education to the school

The training offering of the Recovery Community founded by Vincenzo Muccioli is enriched with 150 hours dedicated to technological skills and the culture of the Digital Transformation. The teaching staff of the IT & Management Academy of Engineering organize and deliver the lessons

In September in San Patrignano we go to the Digital Training School. This year the training offer of the Recovery Community founded by Vincenzo Muccioli is enriched with 150 hours dedicated to technological skills and the culture of the Digital Transformation. The lectures are organized and delivered by the teachers of the IT & Management Academy of Engineering, the Italian IT giant, who land on the hills of Coriano (Rimini) with the aim of supporting the path of 100 community guests to enter the professions and the IT world to facilitate their access to the labor market.

“We were fortunate to find a company that is willing to provide a team of professionals who can develop answers and training solutions to suit the needs of our children, who often come from early school and have very different backgrounds. Leave backgrounds and gaps. Remedy “. This explains the head of training in San Patrignano Lorenzo Lucianiadds: “Through this initiative, we will teach young people to use technological tools to be more efficient, faster and more prepared than the demands of the world of work”.

The training, which is organized into different modules and is divided according to the level of computer skills, will range from the use and operation of PCs and smartphones to the use of the most popular digital tools, from the recognition and management of the dangers of navigation and Network to the new sharing platforms that are now central to working in Smart Working.

This project has two souls, the first is on awareness, the other concerns operational capacity, that is, knowing how to use basic tools like spreadsheets, web browsers and all basic IT tools, today is essential to keep up with a digital transformation that changes all Work activities radical “. He tells it Ferdinando Lo ReDirector of Engineering’s “Enrico Della Valle” IT & Management Academy, a true university campus, founded in 2000 and today offering 25 thousand days of training for the company professionals, for recent graduates and high school graduates who are just in the group connected, and to all its actors.

Going into the details of the San Patrignano courses, Lo Re explains that the trainers are involved in very small classes, especially as far as the operational part is concerned, because “the kids have to come from training who are capable masters of the “To be tools. Our mission is to think of digital transformation as something that everyone embraces and leaves no one behind, because technology must be a social driver that not only generates efficiency but also inclusion.” “With all our courses – Echo Luciani – we first try to open the flames, transfer the passions to our children. We want to do that in the IT field as well, because today we do not think about professionalism, which is about the use of a computer or specific software. The craftsman also uses technological support to work better and be more efficient “.

The aim of this partnership is therefore to provide young people who are on a path of recovery and reintegration into work, not only with the necessary tools to approach their professional future, but also for digital citizens. to be. The theoretical part of the training will actually address current issues related to the world of digital transformation in order to answer the most common and everyday questions: what is behind the smartphone and its applications; what’s behind Google; how to recognize fake news; how our data is used online; as you know the opportunities that open up in the world of work thanks to the digital transformation. Digital citizenship and technological capabilities are therefore the keywords that Engineering and San Patrignano see together in this project, which moves in the name of inclusion, solidarity and education to help children become aware of the protagonists of a world that is rapidly changing due to new technologies.

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