“Emilia Vergani, wise and honest”, the exhibition is open

In the drama of the war in Ukraine, the task of seeking peace and cultivating hope begins with building places of positivity and greeting, of tireless and passionate love for people. It is the legacy that Emilia Vergani has left behind in her work to this day, at the heart of the exhibition (in two assemblies) that took place this morning, Saturday 2 April, at the Canonica Monastery in Piazza Cermenati in Lecco inaugurated, also present the Mayor De Mauro Gattinoni and the City Council Emanuele Manzoni and Giovanni Cattaneo.

Emilia Vergani – explains Elena Mauri, curator of the exhibition – lived her “garden wisdom”, which has grown to the church in the communion and liberation movement, in a friendship that always witnesses and proves something great, and which gave birth to In-Presa, the work of Carate Brianza who has been experimenting since 1994 with innovative experiences of day care for children and situations of social, educational and occupational disadvantage.Today, the following are more than 450 in the activities of In -Preses include vocational training, school-to-work alternate training, on-the-job guidance and study aid for secondary children.

In his speech, Mayor Gattinoni stressed the need and value of public-private meetings in the social sphere, which can build a concrete collaboration for community projects: where the community proves to be a basic resource for interventions and presence. close to the people, who witnessed emergencies such as the pandemic and, now, the reception of Ukrainian refugees.

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Marco Giorgioni, president of the Compagnia delle Opere Lecco Sondrio (which presents the exhibition in the city in collaboration with Alessandro Manzoni Cultural Center, represented by President Gianluca Bezzi) proposed, remarked how the friendship of Emilia Vergani at the time and lived today. of the supporters of the initiative, is neither a sentimental fact nor a private experience, but a way to stay in the concrete reality of every day by putting one’s responsibility and movement. Hence the proposal of two meetings in connection with the exhibition: one to delve into the figure of Emilia Vergani, the other to discuss the topics of education and vocational training of young people. The latter will see a comparison between the managers of In-Presa and the Lecco experiences of the Clerici Foundation and the Polyvalent Vocational Training Center.

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During the duration of the exhibition, packages of biscuits prepared by the Pasticceria Il Buono di In-Presa will be available at the Chiostro della Canonica to support initiatives initiated by the AVSI Foundation in Ukraine, Poland, Romania implemented in Italy to support hope. of the Ukrainian people ..

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The exhibition

“Emilia Vergani, wise and honest.” Hours: 10-12.30 and 14.30-18.30 from 2 to 10 April – Chiostro della Canonica, Piazza Cermenati 5 – Lecco. S.It is possible to book a guided tour. For information write to: segreteria@leccosondrio.cdo.org

You meet them

Monday, April 4 at 9 p.m.: Presentation: Video interview with Cardinal Angelo Scola; Speeches by Giovanni Cesana, MD, and Franca Scanziani, Curator of the Exhibition. New Kite Cinema Theater – via Parini 16 (Entrance by reservation).

Wednesday, 27 April at 9 pm: “Come after me” – youth educational emergency, early school leaving and in-presa. Vocational training in the Lecco area. Speaker: Chiara Frigeni – Dean of the In-Presa di Carate Vocational Training Center; Paolo Cesana – Clerici Lecco Foundation; Gabriele Marinoni – Lecco Multipurpose Vocational Training Center. Coordinated by Stefano Gheno – Cdo Works Social. The meeting will be held at the Nuovo Aquilone Cinema Teatro – via Parini 16 (entrance by reservation).


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