Emanuela Abbate new teacher

Sacro Cuore International School started the school year with major structural and didactic changes. In fact, the school in Viale Ottavio Marchino reopened its gates, presenting families with a renovated and modernized environment, with new classrooms for the secondary school and new common areas. The education community also enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of the new school coordinator, and finally, for the first time, two sections will be launched in the primary school.

Emanuela Abbate is the new school director of the entire institute: in her role she will be responsible for the leadership and strategic didactic direction of the nursery, the kindergarten and the entire first cycle. Abbate can boast an international academic education of the highest level, moreover in continuous evolution: among the prestigious universities that have hosted it, we can mention Wellesley College (the same university where Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright graduated ) and MIT, both in Massachusetts.

Thanks to his long teaching and management experience in several European countries, under his leadership Sacro Cuore IS aims to introduce transversal, from nursery to second degree, innovative teaching methodologies, to expand the training offer of English and Spanish. to further expand the current intercultural offer and address of secondary sports.

“My goal is that the children develop both academic and transversal skills, a love of knowledge and above all critical thinking: that they are actively involved in their learning process and stimulated in their curiosity. In this I must say that I found a group of teachers who are already ready to work in this direction,” explains Abbate.

When returning to school, the students from the 1st year of high school will find a new and extremely modern environment and together with the students of the primary school they will benefit from a new highly functional and sustainable kitchen and new refectories. In the coming months, work will also begin on the re-functionalization of the computer room in the library and the creation of a multidisciplinary classroom.

“The summer was very busy, but we cannot deny our satisfaction that these important changes for the families of our students and the whole community of Casalese and Monferrato – says the governing body of the school – now ten years ago. that we personally take care of the management of this community and every step forward is a reward for the efforts”.

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