Elections Palermo, Lucia Bonaffino and Riccardo Botta (Pd) present their candidacy

Meet on Saturday March 26th at 10.30am at Villa Filippina. The two candidates meet with the citizens to discuss together the participatory strategic program for the rebirth of the city

Lucia Bonaffino, Teacher, e Riccardo Botta, 25-year-old violinist and lawyer, both active in the Democratic Partyintroduce her to the city Candidacy for Palermo City Council for 2022 administrations. The appointment is Saturday, March 26thalong with “Let’s listen to Palermo” at Villa Filippinastarted from 10.30 am.

The words of the candidates

“I believe the time has come to share my experiences in thirty years of public service with my city, to which I am so indebted and who are going through a difficult time – he explains Lucia Bonaffino, Democratic Party candidate -. With those who, like me, have Palermo at heart, I will pursue this path that will lead us to the electorate and I want to do it with you. “I am confident that we will bring the local government the right energy and the necessary skills for the rebirth of our beautiful Palermo.”

“I’m 25 years old and I was born in this unfortunate city that many times forced me to leave but always pushed me to come back – he says. Riccardo Botta, Democratic Party candidate -. In my life, I have been fortunate enough to encounter many non-institutional training opportunities, with people who have given me so much with their advice, their education, their experiences. The time has come to put these experiences at the service of the community, to collect our gift and to live our city as citizens, not as guests, to love them as our home, to be able to decide to stay here to build a family that can decide not to leave “.

“Ascoltiamo Palermo” will not be a simple political convention, but a laboratory of ideas and exchanges for the people of Palermo, to listen to opinions, suggestions and suggestions, and thus to build a participatory program, whose common goal is rebirth of the city.

Nine macro issues will be discussed, addressing strategic points for change, problems and inconveniences that citizens are sadly aware of: from waste, urban greens and traffic to tourism, improving arts and job opportunities for young people.

“We therefore want to start from participatory paths to share strategic choices for the city – explains Lucia Bonaffino and Riccardo Botta – for the past two years the Democratic Party has been working on the program for Palermo, thanks to laboratories, departments, Agora with which we soothe and confront the city on priority issues and open issues.With this heritage, we have participated in the table with the coalition allies and reached an understanding on a few points, with which we are now discussing with the citizens, continue with the construction of the project for Palermo and prepare together for its implementation “.

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