Election 2022, from the school bond to the chicken coop courses. Face to face with Scalfi (Action) LIVE Monday August 1 at 2:30 p.m

After Irene Manzi (PD), Carmela Bucalo (FdI) is the time of Laura Scalfi, head of the School of Action. The Orizzonte Scuola continues the journalistic study in view of the political elections on September 25.

Monday, August 1 at 2:30 p.m Live on Facebook and YouTube, place for the words of the exponent of the party founded by Carlo Calenda. Conduct Andrea CarlinoJournalist of Orizzonte Scuola.

1 / Irene Manzi (Democratic Party)

The questions of Orizzonte Scuola with the answers

8:03 The PNRR dealt with a highly anticipated important topic, the training of teachers. What is your opinion and what would you possibly do to improve it?

12:12 Uncertainty, new competitions and new recruitment system. the old executive suggested a competition every year to fill vacancies, is that a viable way?

15:52 The quizzes with crosses on the content made everyone unhappy and created a lot of problems for the wrong questions. The PNNR solutions? are enough in your opinion?

19:33 Precarious with years of service, how do we hire them? Are the measures in the PNRR enough?

24:03 The duties of teachers over the years have increased along with the difficulties of trade. No salary increase until the next mandate. What do you foresee in this regard?

27:08 Against the mobility. Right to didactic continuity on the one hand, right to the family on the other. What is your position on the constraints?

30:02 The employees of the manager often divided between lessons and tasks for the functioning of the schools. Only 21% are exempt and often work for a gross of one thousand euros per year. Do you plan interventions?

33:21 We are getting closer to class, but the current government seems to be lagging behind last year. Without interventions on the ventilation, you go back to class with masks. Do you agree?

2 / Carmela Bucalo (Brothers of Italy)

The questions of Orizzonte Scuola with the answers

4:30 The last government adopted a recruitment reform just a few weeks before the fall. Do you think this law is positive or does the system need to be completely rewritten?

12:28 p.m The Bianchi reform has prices for teachers who are trained, with a cut of almost 10 thousand chairs. Despite the importance of teacher training, wouldn’t it be better to use these teachers to reduce the number of students per class?

18:42 School dropout, various measures have been launched over the years without disrupting the phenomenon. Today there is talk of implicit dispersion, which affects those who have been promoted but have not acquired the skills to continue their studies or enter the world of work. How do we deal with the problem?

24:30 With the fall of the government, the negotiations for the renewal of the contract have stopped. Renewal, which would not currently see a significant salary increase, around 50 euros. What proposals do you have to intervene in the salaries of teachers and school staff?

29:05 On the question of Invalsi data and gap with grades in high school, what do you think? Is this comparison really worth considering?

32:16 But the attention is for the return to class: what should we expect? Many have criticized the government for the lack of planned actions. And on the Covid staff?

37:52 There is another issue that affects teachers and that has been particularly important for several years: the limitations of mobility. What do you propose in this sense as brothers of Italy?

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