To remember the important figure, is “Discover Pescopagano “.

“In the city there were many posters in mourning, one of them engraved with the epigraph on the monument of Niccolò Machiavelli in Santa Croce, Florence: “Sou vill nomini nihil par elogium”. This Latin phrase can be translated as “To such a great name no adequate praise.”

The manifesto reminds of the indifference of the people in the face of the loss of that man with a clever and ingenious mind, capable of designing enterprises with a strong visionary imprint.

Even today, he is surrounded by a mythical aura marked by nostalgia, as evidenced by his magnificent palace alongside Corso Umberto I., the emblem and jealous keeper of his memories.

Girolamo Orlando Miele represents a depot of culture with an innovative and marginalized view of his time, which literally married the thought and politics of the great Francesco Saverio Nitti, risking his life several times in the Fascist twenty years for his outspoken anti-fascist ideas .

It is unlikely that a man capable of resembling his genius will be born directly in Pescopagano, but it is our duty to pass on and protect everything with his figure, to give future generations the opportunity to become a great Pagan fish of the past. to admire, perhaps the greatest. ”

The municipality of Pescopagano announced: “Orlando Miele Girolamo Giovanni Battista Fortunato Maria was born on the third day of June of the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-six, six and ten minutes, in Pescopagano, in the house in Via S. Nicola, Orlando Miele Girolamo Giovanni Battista Fortunato Maria was born»(Birth certificate – Office Civil Status – Commune of Pescopagano).

Distinguished Citizen and Excellent Surgeon, Girolamo Orlando Miele (1876/1964), seventh of twelve children, was born to Giuseppe Orlando Miele (the double surname comes from his aunt’s husband, Angelo Maria Miele, whom he adopted after the early death of his parents) and Giuseppina Quaglietta.

He dedicated his far-sighted thinking activity to the community of Pescopagano; a wise and brilliant man, he was a benefactor of incomparable generosity.

Infinite and versatile is the creative activity he has undertaken in various fieldswhich are also derived from the bibliographical heritage found after the devastating rage of the earthquake on November 23, 1980, including books and documents confirming Orlando’s extreme intellectual versatility.

Expert of medical sciences, especiallythere are many medical books, even in a foreign language he possesses, that the surgeon delivered him from Naples.

Of particular interest is the collection of various volumes of Morgagni Journal addresses the progress of medicine – still preserved in good condition.

There is a large collection of books for healing the mind, on the detailed study of the Christian religion, including treatises on moral theology by Prospero Lambertini – Ad casus conscientia and de mandate (MDCCLXXII); The works complete as Philosophical reason and Catholic reason, by Gioacchino Ventura (1867) ; Manuals for the exercise of officia; Texts by Father John Crasset of the Society of Jesus (True Devotion to the Virgin Mary 1847) ; Texts of ecclesiastical law like you Juris Ecclesiastici by Raffaele Pecorelli (1847).

The general cultural books range from those closely related to his schooling, foreign language texts (English, Portuguese, French), astronomy, arithmetic, grammar; to those of personal cultural study of a philosophical, engineering, narrative, legal, operative nature. L

A man who followed, multiplied and completed the initiative of his parents, an authentic guardian god of our people, he also distinguished himself in the military field, in fact he had the degree of medical deputy of the army, him of the military attributed. School of Florence.

He studied medicine in Naples and specialized in Paris where he often went to keep up to date with the intervention techniques and medical-scientific discoveries.

He knew different social and cultural realities, but did not dwell on the temptations of big cities, especially Paris, deeply attached to his Pescopagano and believed in the potential of his country and its citizens: he worked tirelessly for the civil and technological progress of the country.

He took an active part in the life of the Banca Popolare Cooperativa di Pescopagano Founded in 1883.

As seen from a brochure printed by the credit institution at the shareholders’ meeting of March 9, 1914, Dr. Orlando, is one of the directors of the esteemed body.

An excerpt from the speech to the shareholders of the then President Nicola Scioscia Santoro reads:< Dës floréierend Bank, mat Stolz kann ee soen, ass net nëmmen eng Duerfinstitutioun, mee d'Herrlechkeet vu Süditalien, well se, an der multiformer Aktivitéit an der Expansioun, all d'Striewe vun der Nopeschgemengen, bleiwe dem göttleche Dichter no, d'Spëtzt fält ni zesummen wéi de Wand bléist. >>.

The founding of theHospital Civilian Giuseppe Orlando which Girolamo dedicated to the memory of his father, the initiator of the pious work.

As a true forerunner of the time, he created the SOLE electrical company Ofantina Lucana Electricity Company – then build the mountain lake to improve it Lightning and other valid and significant works are also his paternity, such as the cement factory and the founding of the flour company, with the mill on Guanabaach.

On July 21, 1964, G. Orlando’s intense and diligent life died out, and his mortal remains were greeted by his fellow citizens with a certain indifference and ingratitude: the wagon moved and walked slowly, followed by a small successor.

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