“Educational inclusion”, a training for teachers and educators is underway

The school world is under scrutiny on the front lines of integration and pedagogical inclusion. From March onwards, the pedagogical coordination of the municipality of Cesena and the Center for Educational Documentation “Gianfranco Zavalloni” will begin a training that focuses on the process of pedagogical and social inclusion of people with disabilities and / or those in vulnerable conditions live, concentrated. Influence educators and teachers, 144 in total, employed in communal baby centers and playschools.

The municipality of Cesena, together with the “Giovanni Maria Bertin” Department of Education of the University of Bologna, has in fact promoted a research / action project involving the educators and teachers of infant schools in a way of comparison and acquisition. specific competencies and experiences on the subject of “inclusive education”. Specifically, the project was launched last year with an initial phase of analysis and study, and came to life with the approval of the program agreement between the authority and the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna, which from an organizational point of view will be the development and Implementation of the project, which will end no later than 31 December 2022, with a duration of 36 months.

Therefore, once we have defined the actions and activities that will be carried out during 2022, we will now proceed with the survey of the practices that are emerging in this historic moment in school reality; the analysis of the needs, criticisms, resources of teachers and educators; pedagogical planning and intervention strategies implemented with reference to pedagogical inclusion processes; Survey of practices and experiences related to planning and pedagogical interventions implemented in early childhood services from the perspective of pedagogical inclusion; Defining a research and training process based on the perspective of inclusive early childhood education and services and synergy with local actors.

The demand for training, counseling, supervision, particularly in the area of ​​pedagogical social inclusion aimed at early childhood, also aims at managing the inconvenience of many boys and girls and their parents; the implementation of resistance processes also in the pedagogical field, innovation of the pedagogical services, for early childhood, and synergy with the European Agenda 2030 strategies.


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