Education, Loredana Poli: “Municipalities have a key role to play in combating the educational poverty of the territories”

Education, Loredana Poli: “Communities play a central role in combating educational poverty in the territories” | Anci Lombardia


April 27, 2022

The intervention in the framework of the conference organized by the ARCE, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture

In contrast to the educational poverty, the municipalities strive to make the most of the educational and cultural resources of the territories, despite the differences that characterize our country. “It is a key role of aggregators, as they are able to connect the various pedagogical subjects of the territory by engaging them together with the schools and the pedagogical services and the improvement of the local cultural resources, both concrete and intangible.” pointed this out Loredana PoliCounselor for Education, University and Training, of the Municipality of Bergamo and President of the Department of Education of Anci Lombardia, who represented Anci at the conference “Educational Communities and New Common Models of Active Citizenship. Developmental Perspectives for Childhood and Youth Culture”, organized by The ARCE, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, served to strengthen the dialogue and cooperation with the actors who intervene or can intervene at national and local level in the fight against educational poverty, for synergies for the construction of to activate a future of peace and development.
In this sense, the police have focused on two administrative and also organizational tools, which “in some situations according to the municipalities can also be applied with greater conviction than has been tried so far”. On the one hand, it is the possibility provided for in the standard on school autonomy, to use “part of the improvement of local cultural and pedagogical resources in the curriculum and in collaboration with entities and subjects present in the territory”.
The second administrative and planned organizational tool is “that of the pedagogical pacts of the communes, which can help build the pedagogical ecosystems, which – the council pointed out – can be more structured, which allows for maximum improvement, also through the flexibility of the projects possible “.
The experience gained by the communes in recent years “shows that thanks to this tool we are able to channel the cultural, planning and economic resources of different subjects, to finalize them towards a common and shared common goal and this – he concluded – very close to the overall strategies for solving the critique of pedagogical poverty “.

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