Edit Ferno pulls straight to the school pole: “A chance not to be missed”

We receive and publish the note from Cambiare Ferno

At the heart of the program Edit Ferno there is the big pole University of Technology that they like to build instead of the former factory.

We are fully aware that this is the area of ​​the former factory a private area and the private person can do what he wants, but if the private person is offered a better alternative than a supermarket, then the private person may have even more interest in investing and in any case our project does not necessarily have to be carried out in the former manufacturing area but it can also be done in delocalized areas.

The creation of a technological university pole includes many figures, the university, the chamber of commerce, the province, the region, Malpensa and not least the political bodies and some of these figures have already been consulted. We already had the pleasure of discussing our project with both Senator Alfieri chim with you astuti counselor during their visit earlier this month and we found with them a great deal of interest and participation in the project. The construction of the University Technology Center, will be the stop of the North Railway which brings us to the center of Milan in about 40 minutes makes the project even more attractive.

Around this project we can say that there is the new Ferno, we are talking about the new Ferno because the university needs structure want Services for its functioning and therefore we must de local Trade to the real estate sector. The technological pole we have in mind is not just one School of excellence who have to train our young people to work locally, because our territory is growing
in recent years it has taken on an aerospace configuration, but it will be able to have it inside
a library and a meeting place for young people.

Local businesses of the Aviation Sector they need more and more qualified staff to get into the world of work, see what happens at the nearby Case Nuove school, the students at the end of their schooling simply find a job.

Then why miss such a great opportunityof course the times for its realization are not shortPeople Organizations involved are many, but for a project so important for the life of our country it pays to go straight to work and make our first contacts concrete, for then it’s time to abandon the idea that it’s a city of elderly people and bedroom is.

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