East Naples, we run to retrieve the city of children: a former school still refuses

It hurries to get started useful works to set “City of Children “, the former school citadel to many O, between Jumper and Bar, in the eastern part of Naples, which had long been abandoned and degraded. The municipality of Naples, owner of the premises, has selected the external professionals who will follow the planned interventions. Part of the skeletons Incastrati between via the Mosaics and via Cleopatra it is used to create the educational center for the very young and families of East Naples.

Last December, the offices of Palazzo San Giacomo began the negotiation process to select the company that is already registered among the ten already on the appropriate community list, which presents economically advantageous offer. The reference project was approved by the city council over two years ago, in December 2020. The former school of the so-called “pArch of the Roman villa “dit must be adapted to a laboratory and a theater in order to create adequate spaces for the education and training of children and the involvement of their parents.

To carry out the process and open the building site, the municipal administration had to select professionals to take care of the direction of the works, coordinate the security and verify the systems. The municipal service “Building public and new centralities” – which has been handling the file of the “City of Children” for some time – did not have the availability of internal municipal officials – and are “works that are characterized by a high technical level. Complexity for the typology of plant engineering works ”- chose two external professionals. The engineer and architect – the last signed authors of the original 2004 project of the “Children’s City” – are “expert professionals who have played similar roles in the design and execution of works related to public or collective buildings, preferably. Buildings for the show. ”.

So, you work hard to make up for lost years. The regeneration project of the former school citadel in front of the Ospedale del Mare dates from the early 2000s. 2004 project, in fact. The “first step” was in 2006 with the opening of the building site. It was suspended in some circumstances until work was stopped in 2015. Three years later, they tried to pick it up again, but the company no longer had the requisites to operate it. Therefore, works never finished and dreams disappeared.

It starts with the executive project of 2020, which insists on the area around the theater. Changing rooms, offices, nurses, a bar-restaurant, places for laboratories, a kitchen. Almost two years of construction. Soon the workers were able to arrive.


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