East Naples, no anomaly in the school canteen: the principal denounces some parents

During the week, many families in the eastern region of Naples were alarmed by the presence of strange dark-colored “corpuscles” found in the canteen of two public schools in the Barra and Ponticelli districts. According to initial findings, no anomaly has occurred in the canteen service: this is explained by Rosa Seccia, teacher of the comprehensive institute “Madre Claudia Russo – Solimena” in Barra.

Let’s take a step back. Let’s go back to Tuesday afternoon, March 15th, when some parents noticed the dark “pieces” in the plates that brought their children home. Many associate such small bodies with pasta insects. Alarming photos, videos and audio begin to reach the WhatsApp groups of parents from two schools in the eastern region of Campania’s capital. They also soon arrive at Seccia which, as per protocol, begins the process for the necessary checks. The director of the other overarching institute affected by the facts, the “57th San Giovanni Bosco” of Ponticelli, also follows the same path.

The next day, Wednesday 16 March, the news of the discovery, of the families, of these elements and some food will be made public. Il Mattino gives an account of the reports of the families, of the complaint to a municipal council and tells of the beginning of the inspections, as requested by the school managers and of Sandro Fucito, president of the VI municipality of the municipality of Naples, the body. the administrative after the service of the school lunch in the schools of East Naples.Meanwhile, the same morning some parents reach the headquarters of the comprehensive “Russo – Solimena” Institute in Barra to claim what happened, assuming that these corpuscles are Insects, therefore. , convinced of the poor quality food and related service. Tensions are high: some oppose the school, the teacher and insult the collaborators who are responsible for the distribution of food to the students. Police are monitoring the school complex on Via delle Repubbliche Marinare for reasons of public policy. The scenes in the schoolyard, the Seccia says today, are of “an unacceptable level of injustice”, underlining how the screams and screams of adults were by no means an example of the upbringing of their children. . In fact, some parents break into the building, do not respect the anti-Covid regulations, assault staff orally. Chaos arises even when young people leave. In these circumstances, Chief Seccia states that she has formalized a complaint to the police because this behavior is considered “ghostly against the institutions”, a “non-example” of civility, respect and dialogue on which the school community works.

Let’s go back to the alleged anomalies in school meals. La Seccia explains that, even before the chaos caused by some families, it took steps to report to the authorities the reports they had received from the parents. In fact, local health authority inspectors and NAS operators arrived at the school for the necessary checks. Under the microscope, the meals were distributed the day before and the canteen supply chain was completely “stored” with samples from the meals at the school, as required by the protocols. At present, no anomalies have arisen: “There are no reasons to prevent these two school arrangements from operating regularly, as the intervention of the ASL inspectors in the NAS operating group has not yet found any discrepancies in the supply of school supplies by the supplier company. The results of the laboratory tests on what further specific controls are subject will be made known to the writer by the competent bodies, “the manager wrote in the public note, in which they described the regular operation of the” Russo – Solimena “canteen matdeelt. that families were given the extraordinary opportunity, on 17 and 18 March, to take their pupils away to eat at home or to ‘make an early exit’ […] renounce the frequency of afternoon classes under his sole responsibility to deprive his children of the right to study ”.

For many, the doubt remains about the “corpuscles” found in the plates. From the initial investigation – and from informal reports – it would be a vegetable remnant: The food provided was actually pasta and lentils. For completeness and for the official it is necessary to wait for the next few hours. However, over the past three days, some families have chosen not to allow their children to attend school meals. Director Seccia addresses them to the entire school audience and invites them to have full confidence in the school, which is constantly working for the education and training of the very young. Therefore, until proven otherwise, no problems with the quality of the meals occurred, as this was also demonstrated by the supplier company during a “spontaneous” inspection of the parents in the company. At this point, the president of the municipality of East Naples, Sandro Fucito, explains that no anomalies were found in the inspection of the food production center and that the results of the analyzes on the “sample food” are awaited.

In recent weeks, the municipality of Naples has started the process of setting up the school canteen service for the period between October 2022 and June 2025 through framework agreements with individual companies to provide schools throughout the city. The contract, divided into lots, covers the next three school years and has a total value of almost 56 million euros: The deadline for the operators concerned is 11 April. As far as inspections are concerned, the tender documents state that “educational institutions are responsible for the day-to-day inspections and supervision of their part of their competence, and promptly report any inefficiencies. The successful bidder is therefore required to provide two complete and free meals, packaged separately, in excess of the quantity requested each day for each school structure ». In addition, it is specified that “The administration may at any time arrange, without notice, to visit the premises used for the production of food and to check the means and methods of transport, including the quality of the services to check “. Other inspections are provided by the committee responsible.


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