East Naples, from Remida starts the project “Let’s create beautiful”: the training for young people from the suburbs

In the beginning a Naples various trainings with the young and especially the neet of Eastern Suburbs. The workshops – from garden to design, from tailor to music and theater – are intended for young people who are looking for innovative experiences and for those who are not studying or working. The Project “Let’s create beautiful”which beats its heart in the center for the creative recycling of waste materials Remida Naples and Jumpersis promoted by the non-profit project Continenti in collaboration with Wes Trade Ltd and is co-financed by the Terzo Pilastro Internazionale Foundation.

Especially “Let’s create beautiful” is appealing twenty girls and boys from 15 to 35 years from the eastern area of ​​Naples and the surrounding area. Through the project, the very young will be involved in a range of activities and initiatives that arise multiple Ziler: Especially the young ones back in the Citizen social stuff, especially after the hard months of isolation and restrictions due to the health emergency. In addition, it seeks to bring out the passions, inclinations, and abilities of individual personalities through the support of the experts who pursue them for several months.

We therefore want to facilitate the social inclusion of young people living in conditions of fragility, exclusion and social risk by strengthening their self-esteem and raising awareness of their abilities and potential. The focus is on the unspoken abilities of the beneficiaries, acting in a context that is prudent not to waste material, intangible and human resources. Another objective is to contribute to the professional growth of young people, who are guaranteed a listening and counseling service by a professional counselor.

An innovative way of learning is used throughout the project. In fact, participants will also use a platform of e-Learning. The virtual interface will be useful for collecting notes, sharing documents and tools, creating animations and facilitating exchanges between participants. It will accompany the practical experience of the various education laboratories housed in the Remida Naples center, which for years has been collecting and promoting waste materials for the company. The online training platform “We-learn” – which also enables close collaboration between participants and teachers – was developed by Wes Trade to provide beneficiary feedback and content of formal and informal training in a participatory way share. Young people will have gods at their disposal Tablet on loan to use and receive specific training for the use of digital devices in the e-learning space.

“CreAttiviamoci di bello” will operate on the territory of the VI municipality of Naples, which includes the neighborhoods Bar, Jumpers and San Giovanni and Teduccio, among the suburbs with the largest number of young people and minors. The territory is experiencing an important phenomenon of early school leaving and is characterized by various social and economic problems related to poverty, unemployment, easy contact with organized crime.

“We are very excited to share this experience with the Continenti and West Trade project, protagonists for the first time in a project dedicated to young people in the Neapolitan region. We thank the Third Pillar for the trust it places in us all. sat down, “he says Anna Braun, Project rapporteur and co-manager of Remida Naples, adding: “As always, we will be working with waste materials to activate educational, relational, creative and experimental processes in the workshops with the participating girls and boys. We hope this experience brings new positive energies to East Naples! ”.

“Again, we are proud of organizations with high social content such as Remida Naples and the Continenti project to help with our We-Learn platform,” says Barbara Bracone, project representative on behalf of Wes Trade, emphasizing that: “Wes Trade holds this experience as higher education and an incentive to develop new ideas and combine them with new technologies for social purposes “.


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