Each Codigoro rewards 18-year-old Martina Valendino

Codigoro. Yesterday morning, the young people were the protagonists at the heart of the political life of the city, the council, of an institutional ceremony of great symbolic significance and equally prestigious.

Mayor Sabina Alice Zanardi, Schoolteacher Carmine Iannicelli, Education Councilor Simonetta Graziani presented an award to Martina Valendino, the 18-year-old student who appeared in the VB of the Liceo Linguistico by the Istituto Guido monaco di Pomposa is entered, winner, for Italy, of the European Juvenes Traslatores competition.

Martina received the prestigious award, which was presented to her last April 1st in Brussels, in the hall of the European Parliament, for the best translation, into Spanish, of a text that she was awarded in the relevant competition.

Since 2007, the European Commission has launched a competition to reward young talents in the world of translation. Martina Valendino is one of the 27 winners, one for each country of the European Union, selected by the translators of the European Commission, among the 2,940 students from all over Europe.

Some of the winners of previous editions have embarked on very important training and career paths, studying translation at university or becoming part of the European Commission’s Translation Service as trainees or full-time translators.

“Martina Valendino is a young talent from our school, a girl from the lower Ferrara region, who by winning the prestigious competition – highlighted by Mayor Sabina Alice Zanardi – called Juvenes Translatores, banned by the European Union, could give prestige to this Territory all over Italy. I express my heartfelt appreciation to Martina for the extraordinary result that has been achieved, I am grateful to her and to the teachers and teachers of Polo Guido monaco di Pomposa, Carmine Iannicelli, whom I thank , that they were here with us today.I am also pleased with the other 4 students Natasha Bui (Class 4A), Martina Cavallari (Class 4A), Asya Zaghi (Class 4A) and Andrea Finessi (Class 4B), who are in this beautiful and educational adventures, useful for their baggage of personal, academic and professional growth ”.

Teacher Carmine Iannicelli, during the award ceremony, renewed her “enthusiasm for results that reward the constant commitment of students and teachers at the Guido Monaco Institute and further improve the school’s European development project. One of the strategic objectives – including Iannicelli – is the increase of the international dimension of education and training, through the promotion of the European value of education, with the spread of values ​​such as European citizenship, the education of future active citizens, “learning languages ​​and learning, together with mobility “.

Education Councilor Simonetta Graziani also thanked them for emphasizing the importance of encouraging pedagogical activities in collaboration with the European Community to improve the quality of education. We wanted to organize the award ceremony at City Hall – said Education Adviser Simonetta Graziani – precisely to celebrate and thank the students who, through their language skills, participated in a contest given in honor of the Codigorese scholastic institution. . Guido Monaco represents a flagship of the entire territory, and inside the teaching staff work to strengthen his education and training role. I thank the contact person for external relations Maria Chiara Ferretti to the teacher Cristina Caracciolo, who accompanied Martina to Brussels and to all the other teachers involved “.

The winner, Martina Valendino confirmed that for me “it was an enriching experience. I found out what my future will be and with that I confronted myself in Brussels, with translators from many countries. I hope that in future other students at my institute can reach a milestone like this ”. Councilor Stefano Adami was also present at the award ceremony.

The recent and impressive collection of food and basic necessities donated to the Ukrainian population, through the Municipal Collection Center at the Salesian Oratory, has also made a significant contribution to an important solidarity initiative, a highly educational initiative that engages students, parents, Manager and all school staff. Even through good work, the students of Guido monaco could be an example for the whole community.


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