Due to the lack of teaching staff, MAD and primary school students are still used

In Italy, there are territories with schools short of substitutes: too the mads are out of stock and schoolchildren are forced to enter enrolled at the university or self-employed as with you COVID-19 they experienced a decline in employment, but had no understanding of how young people were taught. To put it bluntly – in an interview with ‘School of Technology‘- in the Teacher at the head of a comprehensive Tuscan school, at the microphone of our principal Alessandro Giuliani.

A testimony that confirms the usefulness of the provided as a learning channel for aspiring teachers.


“There’s a very serious problem – the teacher tells us – we have one absolute shortage of teachers, especially in kindergarten and primary school: in some schools in Tuscany we have already abolished not only the rankings in exhaustion, but all the provincial school rankings, including the so-called mad, provided by the first days of school. With problems for short substitutes, but also for long ones “.

In recent months, managers have been forced to convene Students of the primary school scienceseven in the early years so just over twenty years old.

In the subject matter they are called professionals, e.g. Architects and graduates in economics and commerce, even professors about support: “they just improvise, they have no education in teaching” and even less about disability. At that time, only those who “do with conscience” will be saved.

The problem, the sports director continues, is that “there are around 13,000 pensioners a year in primary school, while every year about 4,000-5,000 people are completed in the education sciences, so the difference is huge”.

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