DSGA 2022 Contest: New Study Resources by Edises

The next call for applications for DSGA – Director of General and Administrative Services is due to be published soon. The competition will be on a regional basis and will only be launched in regions where rankings are exhausted and places are yet to be filled.

Based on the draft decree, the competition is open to candidates who meet the general requirements for participation in public competitions and the following specific requirements:

  • Degree in law, political, social or administrative sciences, economics and commerce;
  • Specialist Diplomas (LS) 22, 64, 71, 84, 90 and 91;
  • Maîtrise (LM) according to special degrees in accordance with the table of DI 9 July 2009.

Simplifying the DSGA Competition: The Exam

As a result of the changes introduced by the Reform of public competitionssimplifies the procedure.
In fact, there are only two exams: a written test and an oral interview

Do written test is carried out by IT support and ensures the resolution of 60 Questions with four answer options.

Do oral examinationon the other hand, what can be done through video conferencing consists of a Interview on exam topics; a verification of the knowledge of the IT tools; a test of knowledge of the English language.

Subjects of the written test

The 60 questions are managed according to the following subdivision:

  • 5 Questions Constitutional law and administrative law relating to European Union law;
  • 4 Questions of civil law;
  • 18 Questions Public Accounting Methodology with particular reference to the administrative and accounting method management of educational institutions;
  • 10 Questions Labor law, with particular reference to public employment contracts;
  • 8 Questions of school legislation;
  • 12 Questions Organization and administrative management of autonomous educational institutions and legal status of school staff;
  • 3 Questions of Criminal Law with special reference to crimes against the Public Administration

The written test lasts for 120 minutes.

How do I prepare you for the DSGA competition?

For effective preparation for the next DSGA competition, the EdiSES manual updated to the latest regulatory provisions.

The Textstructured in 5 parts, contains the main theoretical notions required of aspiring DSGAs:

  1. legal competencies of the DSGA;
  2. administrative responsibility of the DSGA;
  3. professional profiles within the educational institution;
  4. Autonomy of educational institutions;
  5. Education system.

The volume not only provides qualified general preparation for passing the competition, but is also a useful advisory tool for directors in their day-to-day activities. Designed as a unit training route, in fact, this handbook aims to convey this system culture, leading from the general rule to a concrete application that leads from knowledge of the rules to finding correct and functional solutions.

Between free web extensions in-depth information, verification tests, regulatory texts are available.

Try a demo of the free DSGA Simulator

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