Dsa and employment, dyslexia-friendly companies grow (22/07/2022)

“It is a very important step forward for over a million workers in our country. Guaranteeing adequate means and equal opportunities for people with dyslexia allows them to better express their professionalism and fulfill themselves on a personal level, while at the same time being a valuable resource for companies and for society as a whole,” he stressed. Antonella Trentin (in the picture), Vice President of Aid, who in his speech also recalled Steven Spielberg, the famous director is actually dyslexic. “As an association, we have been involved for some time in raising awareness and training companies in order to create increasingly accessible and inclusive work environments. More and more companies are involved in our projects, a sign of a new and greater sensitivity towards of specific learning disorders, also in the professional field”, he emphasizes for his part. Susanna Marchisi, President of the DSA and work committee of help.

In detail, law 25/2022 first provides for the prohibition of any form of discrimination against people with DSA in the workplace. In addition, workers with DSA who freely choose to declare their characteristics will be able to ask for the use of computers with speech synthesis, calculators, diagrams and forms, in addition to 30% more time for selection tests in staff selection interviews.
By law, even workers with DSA who are already employed can, if they wish, be given the same tools and reasonable accommodations. These are practically zero-cost measures for companies, but they bring enormous benefits to the lives of workers, the workers and the company itself.
It is up to the individual worker to declare their characteristics or not and ask for the appropriate accommodation. Furthermore, according to the new law, the compensatory instruments and dispensation measures must be applied on every occasion of the evaluation for access or completion of training courses aimed at the exercise of activities and professions, such as examinations for access to professional Orders, as well as in the social field.

They then intervened at the conference Elio Welcome, Worker at Dsa and member of Dsa and working committee of the association; as well as representatives of some dyslexia friendly companies, as well Gianna FracassiDeputy Secretary CGIL e Pierangelo AlbiniDirector of Labor, Welfare and Human Capital Confindustria who regretted in his speech that it took a change in a law to achieve the result of Law 25/2022.

The Italian Dyslexia Association continues to fight for adults’ rights with DSA, starting withExtension of Law 170/2010 from the educational world to that of universities, also allowing university students to benefit from the compensatory instruments and dispensary measures currently awarded at the discretion of the individual teacher. To this end, Aid has launched a petition on Change.org, which has already reached over 48,000 signatures in a few days, for the government and parliament to approve an urgent measure for the end of the legislative period.

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