DS Competition: here is the Tuttoscuola course. Review the March 4 webinar

The rules for the new competition for headmaster are expected soon.
At the moment, although the details are not known, we have enough information to make the assessment of the possible timing, structure and organization of the next competition for DS. That’s just what we’re trying to do new free webinar “DS Competition: Let us review the written tests, oral tests and qualifications to be assessed”.

Check out the free March 4 webinar

Tuttoscuola in the last competition prepared many candidates who are now school managers.
Also for the next competition we will accompany those who decide our training proposal in a way not only study but also emotional and human.

Then we have some good news: from the initial feedback on the results of the Childhood and Primary competition it has emerged that over 9 out of 10 of those who prepared with Tuttoscuola passed the written test compared to about 30% of admitted national!

Our courses work:
break the delay and start preparing with us!
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Training and in-depth study
for school leadership

Tuttoscuola has created a way with wants operational and tutor Webinars, Master classes, exclusive study materials, an ever active WhatsApp chat and a platform to answer many questions.

It will not only be a course, but a real journey as a professional community along the detailed bankruptcy process and hopefully even later.


The course includes:

– 10 Live Webinars (Registration of which will be available later) in 10 areas covering all topics covered by the regulations. Lesson + metacognitive study and suggestions;
– 5 Tutoring Webinars,
Moments of in-depth study of a methodological nature, in which each tutor manager proposes how the study is organized in view of the pre-selection test;
– 4 “Lectio magistralis”, specific in-depth webinars on the topic of innovation and evaluation held by major experts such as A. Ajello, I. Fiorin, D. Previtali and D. Cristanini;
– Study material: Slides are provided for each module as well as articles, documentation and suggestions for in-depth study. Expect lots of useful materials prepared exclusively by the editors;
– A Test Simulator:
You can practice the tests of the DS competition by answering over 4 thousand questions thanks to the test simulation platform;
– WhatsApp Chat in which they are present School leaders be able to give advice and answer specific questions by following you step by step

All at an unbeatable price!
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The climate for success is about to begin!

But beware, the introductory offer is valid for a few days. Do not miss it!


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