DPCM recruitment reform is to be published within a week. Anief: Access outside the programmed number must be provided on the reserve quota

There are also several legislative decrees on the reform of recruitment and education among the “topics” that the Draghi government must carry out in the coming weeks, even after the resignation of the Prime Minister and the dissolution of the Chambers head of state with the return to the election. already set for the next 25 September.

The first implementing decree must be issued within a week, on July 31, and will result in a provision by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers that will fulfill the course of the 60 university or academic education credits required for the initial training. This is the first step leading to the new path to becoming a teacher, consisting of a long series of qualifications and exams to pass: Master (Three years for ITP), 60 CFU qualification path, competition, trial year in service with final test and final evaluation.

Anief has already expressed all his doubts about this regulatory framework. Now it will follow its approval process point by point. Goading of the people involved in the formulation of the various legislative decrees implementing Law 79/2022. The first is precisely the Dpcm, which will be published by July 31 in the 60 CFU decree. “According to our union – explained Marcello Pacifico, president of Anief – there is a fundamental step that must not be missing in the Dpcm: that of the reserve quotas for precarious and professional teachers, who necessarily provide access outside the planned number. It is clear , that if this is not the case, if once again the logic of the most appropriate exit prevails, it is inevitable for us to produce an appeal “.


What does the Dpcm envisage in the initial training of the recruitment until July 31 is approved? The specialized magazine Orizzonte Scuola summarizes it: the content and structure of the training offer corresponding to 60 CFU / CFA, of which at least 10 in the educational field, including direct and indirect internship activities of no less than 20 CFU / CFA. For each internship CFU / CFA, the commitment in attendance in classes cannot be less than 12 hours; the number of university or academic credits reserved for inclusive education for people with disabilities; the percentage of participation in the training activities necessary for access to the final examination; the procedures for carrying out the final exam of the university and academic path, including the written and oral exams.


How to change the way to train and input and I choose first and second grade secondary school teachers. The specialized press also explains that “a Qualification course of 60 CFU managed by the universities and activated based on the need for chairs, with a final exam with a written test and a simulated lesson. If fully operational, it will be the only way applicants are allowed to obtain the qualification. The 24 CFUalready acquired by many aspirants included in the GPS, she will not be lost. The deadline for obtaining the 24 ECTS is 31 October 2022. The qualification allows access to professorship competitions for which the selective tests were reformulated “. Therefore, it will be possible to “say goodbye to cross-check tests” with the return of “open questions”.

The transition phase

In the transition phase there are opportunities until December 31, 2024 Candidates in the competition for professor to possess 30 credits or 24 (the latter acquired by October 31, 2022) and to achieve the rest after passing the competition for professor. A transitional phase before the new system is fully operational and will take effect between 2025 and 2026. Instead, teachers with three school years of service even if not continuously, carried out within the deadline for submitting applications for participation in the competition, in the last five years in the public schools assessed according to article 11/14 of law no. 124/99 (of course with the qualification of access to the competition class) participate in the competition. The following path depends, as for the other colleagues, on whether or not they have the qualification 30 CFUs or 24 CFUs.

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