Dowry Scuola Lombardia, 200 Euros for each beneficiary

Dowry School is an economic measure of Lombardy Region and support for the families in which they are present Students from 3 to 21 yearsresident in the region and attending ordinary education courses or vocational training and education (leFP).

To take advantage of it, it is necessary to respect specific parameters, which are indicated, for each type of contribution, on the website of the Lombardy region. If you have the requisites, it is enough to submit a request during the various annual opening of the time windows of the online calls.

During these days, the payment of the contribution was announced State Scholarships for those who had requested it in previous months. In the meantime, we’ll see below what each form of contribution is and when exactly the requested scholarship will be paid in the meantime.

Dowry Scuola Lombardia, what does it consist of?

For the school year 2021/2022, there are 4 forms of contributions that fall under the Dote Scuola:

  • Educational Materials and State Scholarships: this is a contribution related to the purchase of textbooks, technological and teaching tools. The application expired in June 2021 and the result of the application was sent to the applicants by email;
  • Verdingscht: a contribution in the form of a prize for those students who achieve excellent results. The related questions have not yet begun;
  • Good school: a contribution to the tuition fees of private or public schools, in which there is a tax on enrollment and participation. Also in this case, the applications have already expired and the payout is expected until April 20, 2022;
  • Childhood schools and support for the disabled: as stated on the site, this is a contribution “to partially cover the costs of teaching staff engaged in educational support activities in autonomous, non-state, non-municipal playschools and private schools (primary and secondary schools of first and second grade ) “. The application could be submitted by October 2021 and payment is expected in the next days.

State grant disbursement of March 31, 2022

The March 1st the publication of the Contribution regarding state scholarships for the 2021/2022 academic year, assigned within the didactic material component of Dote Scuola to those who asked them in June. The amount will be equal 200 Euro and can be paid out until March 31, 2022.

The contribution can be collected at any national post office or by communicating that you want to get the scholarship through a domiciled bank transfer. For underage students, the parents of interested parties can collect the amount by filling out the appropriate statement for underage students, which can be downloaded from the student portal on the Lombardy Region website.

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