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Andrea Sisti: “We have chosen to divide up the proxies related to sports: on the one hand in terms of school training and on the other hand in terms of competitive training, because these are two different worlds where the first must know how to build one another . “

“Today we talk about the book and the extraordinary human journey of Sandro Donati, a person who has accomplished it and is able to improve the lives of others a little bit in his life. We had this unstable beast of doping, sometimes superficially treated, which Donati has often fought in solitude, has succeeded in changing the consciousness of our country ”.

With these words, the journalist of the Gazzetta dello Sport Valerio Piccioni presented yesterday the book ‘I signori del doping’ by Sandro Donati in the town hall, present at the meeting together with the journalist of the morning Attilio Bolzoni, the mayor Andrea Sisti, the councilor Luigina Renzi and coach Fausto Pesciaioli.

A book that holds two stories together: that of Donati, Master of Sport specializing in athletics and world symbol of the fight against doping and that of Alex Schwazer, Walker and Olympic champion in Beijing 2008 in 50 km walk, disqualified for doping in 2012 on the eve of the Olympic Games in London and since 2014 trained by Donati himself in preparation for Rio 2016.

“Prof. Donati’s book is important because it contributes to building a critical and informed thinking about doping, of which represents a phenomenon of changing sports performance for athletes – were the words of Mayor Sisti at the opening of the Assembly – We have chosen to divide the proxies in sports: on the one hand in terms of school education, on the other hand in terms of competitive education, because these are two different worlds, where the first must know how to build the other. The school must learn sport, it must know how to cultivate the sports culture, it is an important aspect to ensure that society has the pedagogical, behavioral and psychological resources to meet the challenges that life presents. puts us “.

At the beginning of the meeting, Attilio Bolzoni’s direct film in 2016 for La Repubblica “Operation Schwazer. The plot of the Lords of Doping”, which follows the story behind Donati’s book.

“I’m passionate about this story because I met Sandro and Alex – explains Attilio Bolzoni – I consider him an Italian in Italy, in that Italy of compromise and extortion. In my journalistic career I have never been involved in sports or marching but this story was familiar to me because I’ve always been involved with the Mafia. have taken the extreme and on the other the professor Sandro Donati then alone ”.

“I have always been against the use of doping substances from the beginning of my professional career. But this story I lived with Alex Schwazer was much more because it crossed national borders and affected the world – Professor Sandro Donati told us – we came up with a system that has a tendency towards corruption, ruled by characters who have uncontrolled power with a total lack of replacement. It is wrong to generalize about the sports system, because the national level must be different from the international level, which deals only with the sports elite. ”

Connected from South Tyrol, Olympic champion Alex Schwazer intervened during the meeting: “When I look at my sporting path today, I can consider myself satisfied, despite the difficulties and the injustices. My glass is half full. I say that because, when I started, my dream was to participate in the Olympic Games and I managed to win, among other things, the gold medal. Today, we do not have to focus on the behavior of individual athletes, but on the system that provokes and hides these behaviors. “This is the challenge of trying to counteract a mechanism that is changing sporting performance at the highest levels.”

At the end of the session, Councilor Luigina Renzi announced: “In September, we will be presenting a project for the school that focuses on doping, the harm it brings and on education, so that our young people and our athletes know how to say no, strengthen. their awareness of the risk involved. It’s a small setback, but I think starting with students is a good method. “

The recording of the meeting is available on the YouTube channel of the municipality of Spoleto (

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