Do you play well and get high marks in school? Win a scholarship

FASANO- Sport training and mentality, an essential combination that must be fed every day with the right stimuli and the right motivations.

BS Fasano continues to work for social issues and to train young players, prioritizing school education. The reference point is of course the professional realities for which different sporting results can only be achieved if there is a solid cultural base to support them.

Football and school.

There are two important innovations and at the moment they strictly concern the “Pulcini” category with the start of the Serie A BS Fasano Championship: Rome, Juventus, Napoli, Fiorentina, Lazio, Atalanta, Inter and Milan. Eight Serie A teams, all strictly marked BS Fasano.

The little ones have the opportunity to wear the colors of the most successful teams on the national football scene and participate every week, throughout the season, like a real championship.

The second novelty does not concern the playful aspect, but the educational aspect.

As part of the championship, a purely symbolic coin named “Gollaro” will be introduced in the two versions gold and silver.

For each match won, the team wins a “victory prize” of 10 Silver Gollari (10 Silver equals 1 Gollaro Gold).

To increase the seasonality, the school will immediately take the field: all students who present their reports at the end of the school year and have an average higher than eight, will receive a share of Gollari.

The student football player with the highest average of victories and academic results will be awarded a sports scholarship, which will see BS Fasano fully responsible for the sports expenses of the winner for the next season.

An initiative that beckons the complete training of athletes who, as explained by Mr. Gianclaudio Semeraro, must be stimulated and encouraged: “Those who deserve it must be rewarded and satisfied. For years we have been dealing with the 360° training of our little athletes and this initiative by Gollaro is nothing but another way to raise the bar of competition and commitment. It is well known that sport and culture go hand in hand, and that commitment to school is a prerequisite for good performance in competition and training. At the moment, the initiative only concerns chicks, but it is not excluded that in the future it can also be extended to the largest“.

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