DL Covid, unvaccinated teachers employed in other duties

The DL Covid has just been published in the Official Gazettewith the new ones Urgent measures to overcome measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, as a consequence of stopping the state of emergency. Until June 15, 2022, vaccination is mandatory for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection, for the management of Booster Doseapplies to School Staff of the national education system, of non-per-schools, of education services for children, of provincial centers for adult education, of regional systems of education and vocational training and of the regional systems that make the courses of education and technical training superior.

Vaccine-free teachers engaged in other duties

Do Vaccination further an essential requirement for the performance of the didactic activities in contact with the students of the obligatory subjects. The school administrators and the heads of the institutions ensure the compliance of the obligation.


And what about activities that are not in contact with the students? The main novelty lies in this: in the presence of non-compliance with the vaccination obligation, the act of recognizing non-fulfillment requires the school manager to use the default teaching staff and support activities for the school institute.

In short, unlike in the past, non-vaccinated teachers will not be given lessons, but will still be able to practice their profession in support of the school, as long as in tasks that are not in contact with the students.

The summary of the teacher’s duties

In cases where the anti-ARS-CoV-2 vaccination is not carried out or the vaccination request has not been submitted as established in the current vaccination campaign, the managers immediately invite the interested party to produce the documentation within five days of the invitation proves that the vaccination has been carried out or the confirmation regarding the abandonment or delay of the same or the presentation of the vaccination request should be carried out within a period of not more than twenty days after receipt of the invitation, or on in any case the non- the existence of the conditions for the vaccination obligation.

In the case of the presentation of the documentation certifying the vaccination request, the interested party is invited to submit immediately and in any case no later than three days after the administration. Certification proving the fulfillment of the vaccination obligation.

In the event of failure to present the documentation referred to in the second and third periods, managers shall Non-compliance with the vaccination obligation and give immediate written notice to the interested party.

The act of recognizing non-fulfillment requires the school manager to use the default teaching staff and support activities for the school institute.

From 1 April 2022 until the end of the courses of the 2021/2022 school year, school principals will provide for the replacement of unvaccinated teachers and educators through the establishment of stipulation contracts, which will be concluded by law, if the replaced subjects, after they have fulfilled the vaccination obligation to regain the right to engage in the didactic activity.

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