Discover the historical archives of the Institute for the 150th Anniversary of Paolo Savi

Viterbo – Announcement by Manager Paola Bugiotti: “We are studying documents and school records in collaboration with the University of Tuscia”

Viterbo – We get and publish – With great satisfaction the teacher Paola Bugiotti announces that on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Technical Institute of Viterbo, the Technical Economic Institute Paolo Savi and the University of Tuscia have activated cooperation for a Take a series of actions to discover the long history of the institute, born in 1872, and its impact on the territory and education of the entrepreneurial class of Viterbo.

Viterbo – The Paolo Savi High Institute

Under the leadership of Professor Gilda Nicolai, Professor of Archivistics in the Disucom Department of the University of Tuscia, we begin with the rediscovery of the historical archive, which consists of school and administrative registers photographing the events of the Institute, the teaching skills, the successive teachers and principals, the generations of students who trained here and later became professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, notaries, as well as public and private managers and entrepreneurs. In addition, the informatization of the catalog of the institutional library will make it possible to know the texts on which pupils and teachers have been trained since the early years of the 20th century.

Paola Bugiotti

Paola Bugiotti

The study of the archives and the library will make it possible to create at the end of the year a historical-documentary exhibition with original documents, photographs and illustrations which is open to all citizens as well as to former students and teachers. which passed through the Paolo Savi classrooms. In December, a study conference will inaugurate the exhibition, with interventions ranging from the founding of the Royal Institute of Technology in 1872, its evolution to date, the construction of the building, the transformation of the doctrine of economic, scientific and technical disciplines. in their dialogue with the University.

The 150th anniversary of the founding of the institute offers the opportunity for a number of historical and documentary research initiatives, which enable the close relationship between the economic and social evolution of Viterbo and its province and the “Paolo Savi” The new z “discover. has always supported and guided their choices,” says teacher Paola Bugiotti, “the collaboration with the University of Tuscia strengthens the link with the territory, from a research and development perspective.”

Institute of Economics “P. Savi”

May 12, 2022


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