“Digi e Lode” project, EstEnergy awarded two schools in Padua

The first quarter ends with 5 thousand euros coming to the city for digitization for the benefit of students, thanks to the project of the electricity and gas sales company dedicated to local institutions.

Padua Schools

Two schools in Padua, thanks to the cooperation of students and families, have managed to position themselves at the top of the ranking of the project “Digi e Lode” of the EstEnergy Hera Group, in this first phase of the initiative: the primary ‘Briosco ‘and the Secondary Primary Study’ Bettini-Romano Bruni ‘(Ponte di Brenta). Each of them will now receive a check for 2,500 Euros, which will be used independently for the purchase of materials and tools for school digitalisation.


The Digi e lode project, launched by the Hera Group in 2017, is coming to the EstEnergy territory for the first time this year and has received patronage from the municipality of Padua. “Creating a concrete environmental and social impact is possible when companies and local communities work together” commented EstEnergy’s chief operating officer, Albino Belli. “The ‘Digi a Praise’ project is also active in the second quarter, so we invite all our customers to participate more and more and the families to choose the schools so that they can climb in the rankings”.

The school is at the heart of the project

The councilor for school policy of the municipality of Padua Cristina Piva says: «It is always commendable that schools of all levels are at the center of projects, and even more so when these projects contribute to their digitalisation. I thank the company that developed this project, it is another example of how synergy with individuals can help build more opportunities for our boys and girls who need to be at the center of every choice and every policy.

Participating is easy: just one click

The “Digi and Praise” mechanism is very simple. Every time a customer activates one or more digital services provided free of charge by the Hera Group companies (such as digital self-reading, which allows bills to always be aligned with real consumption), registration for online services or specific apps for all companies that allow the customer to manage services, supplies and other aspects of his relationship with the company 24 hours a day with ease), contributes to increasing a score that is among the schools of his Community is shared and creates a ranking. In addition, for the client, it is also possible to choose the specific school to which the score is given, by indicating directly on the website dedicated to the initiative. https://digielode.gruppohera.it/. In this way, the points get a greater value, multiplied by five.

Quantities excellent

The amount for the sum is allocated by EstEnergy based on the rankings at the end of each quarter, to the top 10 schools in the region (Padua, Trieste, Udine, Gorizia and Pordenone provinces), 8 in the municipalities with more than 30,000 inhabitants in 2 and smaller municipalities, for a total of 50,000 euros over the whole school year.

The data

In the first quarter of 2021/2022 Digi e Lode totaled 120,210 digital behaviors, with over 100,000 new downloads for the MyHera app from October 2021 to January 2022. In the areas served by EstEnergy Spa in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, especially the same period There were nearly 8,000 new requests for electronic invoicing and over 11,000 new registrations on SOL – Online Services, with a growth of 19% compared to September 2021.


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