Didacta, Bianchi: “School is no other world”

“School is no other world. Education must play a fundamental role in the future of the country, ”said the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchitalk to “States General of Education: ITS, the new higher education institution and the world of work“At the fair Didactaat the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

Didacta is the big school fair: it is not only an extraordinary moment where everyone talks about each other, but it is also the place where the progress and innovation capacity of our school is shown. The school needs experiments, because it is the founding part of autonomy“, He also explained to address the issue of the High Technical Institutes.

The fundamental role of ITS

The work on ITS is fundamental because it is the school that serves to improve and enhance the whole system of skills in our country – Bianchi explains – Italy should put everything into education, we should not just talk about the education of young peopleHe assured.

At the same wavelength, the Minister of Regional Affairs, Maria Stella Gelmini. “They are no longer the children of a minor or second-tier god, they are a fundamental part of the post-diploma training system and a way to combine knowledge with know-how. ” explained.

The comparison between training and theory

To build the Italy of tomorrow, Gelmini has to face a close confrontation between Training and theoretical preparationwith the ability to give power and energy to the production chains that represent Made in Italy. It’s time to take a qualitative leap to create a national ITS system“.

Gelmini recalls the parliamentary way to come to a turning point. “There is a reform in Parliament he added. There are no more alibis: there are resources, with 1.5 billion, Parliament is actually ready to vote for the ITS reform, perhaps even earlier than expected.“.

Minister Bianchi’s visit to the Tuscany region stand

From the national reality the President of Tuscany Eugenio Giani it has shifted the debate to the regional level. “With Didacta in Tuscany, Florence becomes a little bit of the capital of the world of school innovation and education, training and education for all ” he points to it.

About the funding of the NRP with 1.5 billion euros until 2026 for ITS ReformGiani remembered that “The aim is to improve their quality and to disseminate their knowledge in order to make them a concrete alternative to the universities, to make them a driving force for youth employment after their studies.“.

Speech by the President of the Regional Council Antonio Mazzeo in Didacta

Counselor for education, training, employment and universities Alessandra Nardini he added that ITS today are a successful bet and an important tool for overcoming the misunderstanding, the misunderstanding, between supply and demand of work. President Draghi called them a pedagogical pillar.

Over the years – he continued – the resources allocated to support these paths have been significantly increased: in POR FSE 2022/2023, we agreed on over 4 million euros to support the paths created by the 9 Tuscan ITS Foundations, and within the new programming of the new seven-year European Union. Structural Funds We will guarantee further resources to the Foundation“.

The future of higher educationthe advanced paths, the professional skills required, the expectations of the young people and the demands of the companies and trade unions were the topics at the heart of the speeches of the President of the Regional Council of Tuscany Antonio Mazzeo and President of the Culture and Schools Committee of the Tuscan Assembly Cristina Giachi.

Mazzeo he remembers “the definition, last year, of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Regional School Office precisely to give the Assembly a permanent instrument of relationship and sharing of goals and projects“, Then underline that”the relationship between training and work is a central theme that requires at the same time the solidity of the arguments that guide voters and the visionary ability to design a future that is often realized through discontinuities and ruptures.“.

Teachers and risks in the world of social media

Minister Bianchi’s Florentine day in Didacta also addressed other extremely topical issues. Think about the role that teachers have to play young people in the world of social media. “When it comes to digital, we count on responsible and critical use. For example, many children may get lost on social media. We train teachers who have the sense to find reference adults, and do so. This is important“.

The strategy against early school exchanges

There are many open fronts for the school world: among the most important is the one concerned educational povertyin the leaving school early. For example, the first education pact for Naples has already been signed. “ZEWe have used many instruments, in particular the entire part of the NRP, which concerns school teachers. Education pacts provide the opportunity to involve the whole community around its school. We did that and we have already invested 500 million for the part of 12 to 18 and another 500 million for the second chance, for missing children.“.

Never let your security guard down

There was a mention of Security issues also in light of the numerous injuries during the school-work diversion in the last episode that left a 17-year-old boy in Merano. “We sign a further agreement with the Ministry of Labor, the safety rules of the workplace must apply to everyone. Remember that this is the country that has the highest death rate at work, not just for young people. If it happens to a boy, he must make it clear that this is not possible for everyone, at least for a boy“, The Minister concluded.

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