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The bond between Dedagroup – a pole of the aggregation of Italian excellence in software and As a Service Solutions and a leading player in the digital innovation of companies, public bodies and financial institutions – is strengthened with Southern Italy, where the group is represented by about 120 . Employees in six places. In fact, an important training project is starting, capable of creating concrete job opportunities to accompany students on their professional path of specialization.

Dedagroup Public Servicesthe group company that supports central, local and public service companies in their digitization process, enters into a new partnership with the historic “Giambattista Bosco Lucarelli” Industrial Technical Institute, which has always been a reference point for the Benevento area, with the precise goal, training and research activities expand, strengthen orientation activities and support young people in the passage, which is not always easy, from school to the world of work.

In this first phase, which started at the end of February and lasts until the end of April 2022, the training course includes a cycle of ten meetings for the fourth classes and two meetings for the fifth classes, for a total of about 25 hours. Training. The 18 students involved have the opportunity to enter the Benevento Competence Center of Dedagroup Public Services, a laboratory dedicated to the development of software solutions as a service designed for the digital public administration and in addition to the Deda People – professionals of the company -, will have the opportunity to get to know activities, methodologies and tools closely and to understand the basics of programming in C # language (which supports all the concepts of object oriented programming) and cloud computing.

“Education plays a key role in our growth strategy, which without competent, talented and constantly updated resources could not take shape and concretity,” he commented. Valentina Gilli, HR Director of Dedagroup.

With this conviction, we launched the partnership with the Giambattista Bosco Lucarelli Industrial Technical Institute, which, in a hundred years of history, has distinguished itself for its ability to train professional figures who fit into heterogeneous productive realities and rapid development. This collaboration aims to be mutually supportive and aims to further strengthen the Benevento Center of Excellence through the continuous inclusion of young talents to support the development of our digital PA solutions.

“Through this training model, the ‘Giambattista Bosco Lucarelli’ Technical Industrial Institute concretizes the concept of plurality and complementarity of learning in which the world of the school and the company / host structure of the students are no longer seen as separate but integrated realities. among them, aware that, for a coherent and full development of the person, it is important to expand and diversify the places, methods and times of learning, “he says. Maria Gabriella Fedele, School Director of the “Giambattista Bosco Lucarelli” Technical Industrial Institute. The school / work partnership model proposed and adopted for a decade by ‘Lucarelli’ ITI not only wants to overcome the idea of ​​the dissociation between training and operational moment, but has the more incisive goal to study and increase motivation. For young To guide people in the discovery of individual interests and learning styles, schooling is enriched by the acquisition of skills that are acquired “in the field”. This condition guarantees a competitive advantage over those who limit their education only to the theoretical context. new incentive to learn and a plus of the person’s education “.

The course will be accompanied by participants from the Deda People, who, in addition to technological solutions and their development, will be touched by hand, promoting the transfer of know-how, the dissemination of values, culture and experiences. Specifically, the meetings of this first phase will be led by Annalisa Rossi (systems engineer) and Giampaolo Capone (software developer), with the support of Carlo Mazzone – software developer and systems engineer, IT teacher and the only Italian to reach the top. 10. of the Global Teacher Prize – with which Dedagroup Public Services carried out this project and accompanied the young talents throughout the training cycle.

By launching a specific training path, starting from the real needs of the world of work, the project will also create concrete job opportunities in perspective. In fact, students come into contact with a group that has made the training one of its cornerstones, and through various initiatives and projects. These include the Daydroup Digital Academy, a true business school aimed at young graduates and recent graduates who are developing the skills required by the new digital professions through phygital training courses and practical workshops. , want to promote and that, at the end of a period of training at work, offers the possibility of introduction in the company.

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