Death of Daniela Celli: the memory of the mayor Casciano and the former mayor Accossato

Collegno also remembers with pain the death of Daniela Celli, psychologist, municipal councilor and advisor for education from 1980 to 1986.

“His political foresight and his strategic choices in the educational field inspired the qualitative and quantitative development of kindergartens, school meals and continuous teacher training through the Schools Documentation Center.

Daniela Celli guided the innovative choices of the inclusive school and social assistance system in the west zone of Turin, through intuitions and experiments that changed the services. Generations of administrators and operators have made and still refer to his vision to guide the evolution of social policy.

In her profession, in the field of public service and in the course of her great commitment, she has advocated courage for the inclusion of disabled students, the development of social services and the proximity between health professionals and teachers, in the name of continuity of services and the centrality of children and families, especially the weakest. Charismatic personality, penetrating in the look, a strong and cheerful woman, even if they tried from a fragile body, she communicated with a clear and effective language, motivating the interlocutor to make the choice. Condolences to the family from the grateful Collegnese community, who will not forget Daniela’s teachings,” commented Mayor Francesco Casciano.

The memory of the former mayor Silvana Accossato

The former mayor and former regional councilor Silvana Accossato also wanted to remember the figure of Daniela Celli:

“We met in 1985 at the Collegno town council. A strong, determined, competent woman, she was councilor for education from 1980 to 1986, when she resigned to be more present in her work as a public psychologist… and I in that role. I learned a lot from her, the attention to the rights of girls and boys, the value of continuing education for educators and teachers, the battles for people in difficulties… she remained for some time in Council, very useful with their advice. Then we often visited each other, the common political militancy was combined with an instinctive sympathy and mutual respect. During these hours an episode came to mind, an exchange of words on the day of our “handover” in the council: I was dressed in gray, she in a floral dress … she told me it was true, she had to prove to leave quietly and I was more serious about the obligations that awaited me. But she was much more, I can only say that I will miss her, even if we felt alone now … that the earth is bright for you, Daniela. You have done and you have given a lot, in your whole life ».

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