“Cutting and Sewing”, here is the course for women victims of violence – Chronicle

“Responsible for sewing and cutting fabric”. This is the title of the course, completely free, designed by the association “Tutto è Vita – Centro Antiviolenza Elisabetta Fiorilli”, a company from Grosseto, which is active in the gender policy sector. It manages anti-violence centers and seeks to create training opportunities for women victims of violence by promoting their reintegration into work. The project focuses on the participation of 10 women in a 60-hour training course delivered by Marzia Fidanza’s tailoring school and laboratory on Papa Giovanni XXIII in Grosseto. Among the topics covered in the training course, we will discuss besides the pure textile topics about fabrics and yarns also about their methods and processing techniques (cutting, assembly, finishing); as well as equipment and processing machinery.

To the point of creating a prototype of a garment as project work. The association addresses a very sensitive category, those of people (men, women, homosexuals) victims of violence who have had to leave their daily lives to escape abuse and mistreatment. The reference area is that of Grosseto province. Participants are identified by taking into account their current employment situation and their income, ie all those who are currently unemployed or unemployed or who have below average school and vocational training priority. This choice is due to the fact that these characteristics make it almost impossible to overcome the barriers of the world of work, which today requires constant and ever deeper education.

The association wants to redesign the participating subjects with the standards that underpin the world of work, in order to not only guarantee them economic stability, which will lead them to leave the association’s aid, but also to improve their psycho-physical condition. “The main objective of the project – say the association – is to strengthen the figure of those who have experienced problems of physical, psychological, economic violence by implementing labor reform policies. These actions focus on fragile issues that are a situation of disadvantages caused by social dynamics that involve them and thus removed from reality.Thanks to this training course participants who complete every hour of the course have the opportunity to find a new job very easily, because in our Territory. The basic sartorial figures are so far scarce “. The project therefore aims to achieve the benefits from a social point of view, through the reintegration of people coming from difficult situations, and encourages the development of the manufacturing sector to create a new skilled worker who joins a network that everyone benefit. Grosseto context, also thanks to the collaborations that Tutto è Vita has at provincial level.

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