CRV – Fifth Commission – Defibrillators and school integration of sick pupils – Press release – Veneto

(Arv) Venice 7. Apr. 2022 – During the current session of the fifth standing committee of the Veneto Regional Council chaired by Sonia Brescacin (Lega-LV), Vice President Anna Maria Bigon (Democratic Party), the Bill n. 98, at the initiative of the Vice-President of the Regional Council Nicola Finco (Lega-LV), to promote the diffusion and use of semi-automatic and automatic external defibrillators, called AEDs. The presence of these devices, mandatory in health and social care facilities, in ambulances, in public and private clinics, was also expanded by national regulations for sports companies and associations, and finally to public administrations with more than 15 employees providing services to have got. for the Public. The regional bill aims, through an economic contribution, to support the purchase of AEDs, and the training of staff, in favor of the public administrations, which, despite the need for services to the public, have less than 15 employees.

Subsequently, the bill n. 117, first signature, Councilor Simona Bisaglia (Lega-LV), with provisions envisaged to promote the full school integration of sick pupils. The implementation of the bill would allow these students to stay in touch with the school when they are hospitalized or closed at home due to their pathologies, favoring interventions to support the existing services, called SiO – School in Hospital, and ID – Home Education. The interventions provided by the PDL consist of summarizing the training of school staff, providing contributions to institutions to provide the appropriate technological tools, and starting an experimental phase with a school after Province elected by agreement between the regional council and the regional school office.

At the opening of the session, the Commission unanimously approved the opinion of the Regional Council no. 153, concerning the authorization for the alienation of real estate in Thiene (Vicenza) by the Local Health Authority n. 7 feet.

Unanimity also for the motion n. 242, presented by Regional Councilor Elena Ostanel (the Veneto we want), issued by the Council, at its meeting last Tuesday, for an additional inquiry in the same commission, thus approving a modified version with respect to the text illustrated at the outset. Chamber, Motion wanted to commit the Regional Council to support the SISP, ie the Public Health and Hygiene Service, to remove the responsibility of pandemic surveillance in the schools of public managers.

Finally, the Commission has voted by a majority, without a vote against, as regards the evaluation of the Directors – General of the companies and institutions of the SRG for the year 2020.

Press release – Editorial responsibility REGIONAL COUNCIL VENETO

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