Crucial days for DL ​​36 at school

The election deadline allowed the Senate a short break, which, when the work is resumed, from June 14, must come to the heart of the decisions for the conversion of Decree-Law 36/2022.

According to Tuttoscuola, an agreement was reached between the main political forces for some changes, including a weak definition of intermediate figures with specific functions. The litmus test is represented by the sentence introduced in the decree: “The wage progression of seniority remains unchanged“(Article 44, c. 4). If it is removed and replaced by an, albeit shy, openness to differentiating profiles within the teaching function, one can speak of an attempt to introduce professional development to teachers ( we see how one; the PNRR – as Tuttoscuola has endorsed in recent weeks – and it can be argued that the government and parliament prefer to leave such things for who knows how many decades.

Some external issues revolve around parliamentary work, which could, to a certain extent, affect the choice of senators in relation to the many amendments that were also introduced with regard to school articles.

First, there is the result of the election, in particular on the referendum questions.

Considering that some parties are engaged among the proponents, the result can, if strongly negative or positive, cause consequences in the majority, which the government supports with possible effects on possible mediations in agreeing to the changes proposed by various parties be presented.

There is the possible weight of the general strike, which however still stands at 17.53% of the adhesions, according to official data from the Civil Service (Dashboard of the strikes at 2.30pm on 7.06.2022): a decent result far away 64 , 89% against the Good School of 5 May 2015. Is it enough, however, to introduce the substantive changes requested by the unions, on which are clearly differing assessments of the governing parties?

Finally, there is the delicate issue of the resignation of Mario Ricciardi, Adviser to Minister Bianchi and former President of Aran, who left the position in disagreement over the content of Legislative Decree 36 on the education and careers of teachers. , as he subjects as. regulated partly by law and partly by contract, whose structure of the decree is very different from the act of address for the contractual renewal, which was then defined by Ricciardi himself with the consent of Minister Bianchi.

In any case, the next few days are crucial to understand, and in which direction we are going.

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