Cristian Brancaleoni is the best sommelier in Italy for Aspi

IS Cristian Brancaleoni the best sommelier of Italy Aspi 2022, proclaimed a few days ago in Monza at the end of the most prestigious national competition of the ASPI – Association of Italian Professional Sommellerie, the only Italian association member of Asi – Association de la Sommellerie Internationale. Second place for Andrea SalaHead sommelier at Geranium in Copenhagen and third for Silvio Galvan, Hotel La Perla di Corvara, winner of the special prize of the Birra Moretti Foundation. Finally, recognition too Joey DaverioWinner of the Junior Award.

Cristian Brancaleoni

The podium of the best sommelier in Italy competition

Candidates were challenged in the classic and surprise tests designed by Aspi for their competence and technical preparation, the ability to make decisions in a short space of time and to test the skill of execution. The winner was chosen by an international jury, chaired by President Aspi Giuseppe Vaccariniby the Vice President of ASI Europe Piotr Kamecki, Matteo GhiringhelliBest sommelier of Italy Aspi 2010, Mattia Antonio CiancaBest sommelier of Italy 2019 and, great guest, the best sommelier of Europe and Africa ASI 2021, Salvatore Castano.

In the final, they faced each other Cristian Brancaleoni Andrea SalaChef Sommelier Geranium of Copenhagen, second place, e Silvio Galvan, Hotel La Perla di Corvara, third. Three highly trained sommelier who demanded a special commitment from the jury for the award of the title.

To give the event value, the presence of the regional councilor Fabrizio Salaby the Director of the Royal Palace of Monza, Giuseppe Distefano and the Council for Culture of the Municipality of Monza Massimiliano Lucio Longo.

The dazzling career of Cristian Brancaleoni

Born in Alessandria, class of 1989, Cristian grew up in Valenza, a graduate of the Art Institute. At the age of 19 he started working in France as a bartender and gradually became enthusiastic about the world of wine. Finding himself on the French Riviera, he decides to pursue the Aspi course at Bordighera, from the great Piero Sattanino, and thus received the title of sommelier. After that he returned to Italy and spent a year as a sommelier at Villa Sparina Resort. From there to Turin the step is short and since 2018 he has the role of Chef Sommelier in Restaurant Del Cambio. Today, Cristian Brancaleoni is the beverage manager of the entire structure.

“I congratulate Cristian Brancaleoni, who, despite his education far from the wine world, was able to show how passion and commitment to what one does can lead to great results,” commented Giuseppe Vaccarini, President of ASPI. My compliments also go to the other finalists of this edition of the competition, all highly talented and competent sommelier, who represent the high level of Italian professional sommelier well ».

From left Brancaleoni, Galvan and Sala Cristian Brancaleoni is the best sommelier in Italy for Aspi

From left Brancaleoni, Galvan and Sala

The special prize of the Birra Moretti Foundation

In addition to the title of Best Sommelier in Italy it was awarded Silvio GalvanSommelier of the Hotel La Perla in Corvara, the “Birra Moretti Foundation Award for the improvement of beer on the table”, to show the in-depth knowledge of beer and the ability to serve and combine in the best possible way. Paolo Merlin, Director of the Birra Moretti Foundation he explains: “The partnership between Fondazione Birra Moretti and Aspi was born a few years ago and today as yesterday we are proud of our cooperation and that we have again participated in this prestigious competition, which highlights the importance of beer in the sommelier and the continuous improvement young talents who have always distinguished us.Beer is a millennial drink that has been able to stand out and be recognized over the years, it is one of the different elements of the evolution of the sommelier figure – adds Merlin further – During a pairing or in search of the product that best suits the tastes, needs and the customer’s curiosity, the presence of a professional who knows how to respond clearly and competently to all his requests is essential for the To guide consumers in informed choices and to spread the beer culture on the table “.

Cristian Brancaleoni is the best sommelier in Italy for Aspi

Best Junior Sommelier to Joey Daverio

Along with the competition for the best sommelier of Italy, the Regia di Monza was also the scene of the competition for the best junior sommelier Aspi. The top step was to earn the podium Joey DaverioFalcone Institute of Gallarate, second place Giorgio AnlettiFalcone Institute of Gallarate, while third place Desired Baffi, by Carlo Porta of Milan. Three very good candidates who all deserved the victory. Great satisfaction for Fabio Mondini, Aspi Manager for Hospitality Institutions «Joey has shown style and confidence in performing tests, excellent prerequisites for a brilliant career. Congratulations! – he declared – Being able to start laying the foundations of the profession in school is a great challenge and a great responsibility, but here lies the future of those who wish to pursue a career in theater. Thanks to the Aspi course for Junior Sommeliers, the school can provide students with an excellent level of preparation for further studies and the first steps in the world of work with more self-confidence and awareness. Our training proposal is constantly evolving, in order to always be in line with the demands of the world of work ».

Joey Daverio with the Tricolor Band and the Cristian Brancaleoni Cup is the best sommelier in Italy for Aspi

Joey Daverio with the tricolor headband in the cup


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