Cr.Forma against early retirement: 24 children involved in the “Out of class” project

24 boys between 17 and 18 years. They dropped out of school or risked leaving, also due to the difficulties associated with the pandemic. Subsequently, they resumed a study in the framework of the project ‘Out of class’, which carried out the Cr.Forma through the Lombardia Region Notice “Youth Guarantee – Scholastic Dispersion”. Zil? To help young people find full motivation and new enthusiasm to reshape their future by gaining useful skills, to enter the world of work consciously or to return to school. The sections of the ‘Fuori Classe’ project, both in Cremona and Crema, have already been activated for catering (kitchen and bar) and mechanics courses.

“In Cremona, according to a recent OpenPolis study, 12.2% of students leave their studies early, in Crema 8.3%,” comments director Paola Brugnoli. Our Vocational Training Center, which has always been at the forefront of early school recovery, wanted to address this need for a school outside of school, take the opportunity to reformulate and deconstruct our educational pathways, and work with small groups of students facilitate the personalized work that needs to be done in these situations.

The project aims to achieve a cycle between education and didactics with the primary goal of knowing, supporting and accompanying children on arrival, thanks to a participatory recognition of the talents of each individual “.

In addition to the teaching in the classroom and in the laboratory, 640 hours of internship are provided in the company. In fact, the role of companies in the Cremona and Cremasco area is fundamental, as they have directly accepted the objectives of the project, recognizing the importance of the kind of professional figures to qualify. Finally, the involvement of families and local services is significant to ensure adequate support action. The project comes to an end with the qualification exams: June for the young people of Crema, in September for those of Cremona.

“To contain, welcome and reinforce – concludes Director Brugnoli – are the key words that describe this project, which allows Cr.Forma to experiment with non-traditional learning, to configure concrete actions to recover early school exchanges.”

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