Covid teachers, Draghi government region: “Yes to extension for 4,000 workers in Puglia”

afternoonMarch 14, 2022 – 15:57

Councilor Sebastiano Leo: “The Apulian school is united in asking for the extension of the contracts of Covid teachers in Ata” “

Vun Carlo Testa

The region is extending the contracts, which expire on March 31, from 4,000 between teachers and administrative technical staff hired by Covid Emergency. “The pandemic and the inconvenience it has caused and is causing in our school communities are unfortunately not at the end of the state of emergency, which is planned for March 31. A whole host of precautionary and precautionary measures are still in force for the spread. For these reasons – says Sebastiano Leo, Counselor for Education, Training and Employment of the Puglia Region – the Apulian school community as a whole calls on the government to continue its commitment to the Puglia region. Contracts to extend at least until the end of June. For teachers and ATA staff hired as a result of the pandemic “.

Councilor Leo speaks

“There are over 4000 Apulian teachers and Ata staff working for two years in the schools in our region to strengthen the staff in the management of the pandemic crisis and in the learning activities, a staff to whom we all owe a big thank you for their hard work and conditions of great difficulty. ‘Government to extend the contracts of the said personal contracts., At least until the end of the learning activities of the current school year,’ commented Leo. “In addition,” said the Commissioner, “I will ask today to include the subject as the agenda of the X-Commission of the Regional Conference, where all the regional councilors for education will meet, which is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I am confident that I will find important synergies with the other councilors on this delicate issue. “

Yes to the extension

“We are aware – concludes Leo – that any extension involves a further and substantial expenditure commitment by the government, but we are equally aware that government means deciding and defining priorities and Puglia believes that there is no higher priority than “Investments in the school., In the quality and management of education. Thank you again to the unions of the Apulian school for their compactness”.

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March 14, 2022 | 15:57


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