Covid in Ukraine, worried and disillusioned teenager

Concerned and disillusioned about the future and aware that Covid had in part irreversibly compromised her education. Much less likely than in the recent past to do university studies. Greedy and sedentary, dissatisfied with her physical appearance and the mercy of an aesthetic dictated by influencers and fashion bloggers. Increasingly “connected” and with a slow but steady deterioration of relations in the family and with the peer group. The widespread desire, greatly increased in comparison with the past, so much so that it almost tastes like a “desire to escape,” is to travel.

This is the cross-section that emerges from the 2022 edition of the national survey on the lifestyle of young people in Italy, conducted annually by the non-profit association Laboratorio adolescenza and by the Earth Research Institute on a representative national sample of 5,600. Students aged 13-19.

“After Covid’s year,” says Maurizio Tucci, president of Laboratorio adolescenza, “we have given this year’s survey the title ‘Adolescence between hopes and fears,’ but unfortunately, data in hand, fears seem much greater. to be like the transition of father to war, without solution of continuity, made adolescents already strongly affected at psychological level of the pandemic even more fragile and anxious.A figure in particular that describes the situation tirelessly: 52.7% of young people look at their own future by defining themselves as “insecure” or “worried”. The optimists are 14%, a percentage that rises to 12.7% in high schools and 11.8% in Girls are declining. Not only. 63% of the students surveyed think about enrolling in university, but 33% (even 40% of males) do not think so. An increase compared to 22.9% in 2018 .

The survey shows that adolescents are still struggling to regain the serenity lost by Covid and only slightly more than a third of the interviewed sample (35%) believe that the emergency is finally occurring, while 63.6% (70, 8 % of females)) Fear future boom.

Following the pandemic, the outbreak of war in Ukraine further undermined their sense of confidence in the future. The concern of young people is very high (percentages between 80 and 90%) for the most possible direct and indirect consequences arising from the conflict. Over 75% are also concerned about the possible outbreak of a third world war or a possible direct involvement of Italy in the conflict. Finally, it is interesting to note that the absolute majority also does not consider a potentially large number of refugees from war zones to be a concern.

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