Cosenza, the rejection of the violence of the training work system

From “You can not die to alternating school work”, which has been ringing in various places in recent days, to “No more harassment in schools”, which is shouted by the students in Cosenza, the theme “Security” and “Violence “are topics at the center of protests in recent days.

In Calabria, Castrolibero (CS), February 3, 2022, students of the “Valentini-Majorana” State Higher Education Institute occupied the school, after some students denounced a teacher of harassment and abuse, the institutions to l activation of all possible measures to prevent the recurrence of such facts.

At the rally yesterday, 18 February, on the spot, as in other Italian cities, about two thousand students demonstrated in solidarity on the streets of the city of Cosenza, against violence and “against the principal school”. Along with the protests against harassment and abuse, the boys of the Valentini Majorana also demanded the dismissal of the director, as they claim that they were aware of the facts, but without intervening in any way, she only did it for the sake of Indicate silence.

“No to abuse”, “No to the school of the bosses”, the procession left Piazza Loreto, paraded through the streets of the center, to the Provincial School Office, where a delegation of protesters handed over their requests, already discussed. , in the days before, with commissioners sent by the central government and repeated several times in the press, that is, to remove the director from office and proceed with the acknowledgment of the facts.

D.After weeks of occupation, after complaints from Valentini-Majorana reached the local and national press and media yesterday, with smoke bombs, banners, colorful billboards, choir, music and drums, students began their fight for the Streets of the city brought. .

The protest meets with solidarity from other schools, from across the region, and from many others, on the streets and on the Internet; as it was occupied in the days before the demonstration in general, various meetings and discussions between young people from different institutions. On these occasions, as during the demonstration, the focus was on the rejection of a violent school model that prepares for exploitation. And as one has also launched from the petition of the students from Cosenza:

in school, verbal and physical harassment of students by – mainly – teachers is done cyclically and constantly. These are promptly defended by the teachers and above all by the schoolteacher, who reduces the violence of the pupils and hides all treason in the name of the school’s reputation. In fact, she herself is the first to engage in verbally violent and completely apathetic behavior towards students who report harassment. We want the school to be a safe place for pupils and students, so that no one * ever * gets * quiet * and no one * is * harassed *.

On the one hand, there is such an “orientation path” to life, where no one “agrees”, carried out by the students in protest; on the other, the direct ‘in the name of school reputation‘- and full of thoughts of the’good school company ‘.

Thus, in recent weeks, while central government commissioners have been sent to the Valentini-Majorana to oversee and manage the affair, institutions at the national level seem to be reacting daf to the protests of students throughout Italy, yes with repression and with the use of batons in the places, with violence.

However, the students reacted, prepared, to continue to demonstrate against what they called, among other things, “alternate maturity and repression” of the “master school”.

Link to sign the petition “Pedophiles from the Valentini Majorana“:

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