Cosenza, presented the project to combat the phenomena of school segregation

Presented at the Public Education Commission, chaired by Chiara Penna and attended by the Delegate Councilor for Culture, Antonietta Cozza, on the project “Vicini a scuola”, to which the Cosenza commune is publicly affiliated with a specific board resolution and partnership network. / privately through the involvement of the “neighbors of the school” call of the social enterprise “Con i Bambini”.

Public Education Commission of the Municipality of Cosenza
Public Education Commission of the Municipality of Cosenza

“The project – said President Penna – is strongly welcomed and encouraged by Councilor Cozza, whom I thank for his presence on this committee.

Indeed, among the qualifying points of the mayoral program, Franz Caruso, inclusion policy occupies a prominent place, especially in the education of young people, who must have all the same opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge useful for the education of women. conscious men.

From this point of view, the project is of strategic importance also because it proposes close cooperation between and with institutions and voluntary associations in the sector ”.

At the same wavelength, Councilor Antonietta Cozza, who illustrated the details of the project proposal, to counter the phenomena of school segregation, which worsened after the Covid-19 pandemic, encouraged interventions that would allow d ‘Guaranteeing quality even in complex contexts.

Planned for the age group between 6 and 13 years, the project will take place over a period of 36 months by running a partnership network, led by AIAS onlus and that includes Frequencies & Armonici onlus, Cultura in Voce aps, Artesania. aps, Omnia Culturae aps, Agorà aps, and several schools in the area, including IC Fausto Gullo in Cosenza.

Councilor Cozza also made it clear that the places where the activities take place are the Rendano Theater and the Brettii and Enotri Museums.

Councilor Giuseppe D’Ippolito intervened on the draft proposal, applauding the initiative but asking for more involvement in the educational and cultural contexts of the Brettii and Enotri Museum.

A request made by Councilor D’Ippolito, who gave Councilor Cozza the opportunity to emphasize as his own the Museum of the Bretti and the Enotri and already proposed the focal point of the cultural activity of the Caruso administration which in just over seven months, relaunching all the museums and cultural structures of the city, finally shedding light on the strong and rooted cultural tradition that is typical of the city of Cosenza and which has been subdued for many years.

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