Cosenza, Confapi launches first free training course for construction workers

COSENZA – Mayor Franz Caruso sent a letter to the Director of the Provincial School Office, Dr. Concetta Gullì and the Director-General of the Regional School Office of Calabria, Dr. Antonella Iunti, “to carefully evaluate the possibility to take the necessary measures vis-à-vis the director of the Lidia Plastina Pizzuti primary school in Cosenza, not excluding the possibility of his replacement or removal from office currently held “.

“I believe – underlines the Mayor of Cosenza – that all the conditions exist that I entrust to your evaluation and deepening, in the interest of the school and the students who visit them“. The mayor Franz Caruso has decided to consult the heads of the regional and provincial school office, after the controversy of the last hours, after the start of the works for the next reopening, decided by the municipal administration, to the vehicle transit of the route from via Roma , before the schools “Lidia Plastina Pizzuti” and “Bonaventura Zumbini”, but especially after the appearance, on the site Zonk, of multiple offensive writings against him.

“A teacher can not be hired as a troublemaker”

“I start from the premise – Mayor Franz Caruso writes to the two managers – that everyone is free to express their thoughts and therefore do not agree or dissociate themselves from the decisions which, in the exercise of their mandate and functions, they intend to have a mayor or a municipal administration to implement the programs on the basis of their political and administrative action. What is not allowed – underlines Franz Caruso – is that a school principal who has significant responsibility over the community of young students who go to the institute for which he is responsible, in this case a school community made up of children exists, ” begins. of their education, stand up as troublemakers and become a kind of supporter of those who go beyond any form of respect, posted at the time of construction, Messages that are offensive, scandalous and close to mockery, Towards my person, as Mayor of the City of Cosenza, with expressions that are also offensive on a personal level and from which I store the content. Another question that is not the case here to go into depth would be that of determine who actually took the place of the children in writing those messages or simply inspired, not considered, none of us, the children themselves capable of such vulgarity. In the light of what has happened, I think, however, I can say that the role of a school director, who is the head of the institute, and who must therefore be regarded as the first educator, must remain superpart and not influence on students of the school for which he is responsible, and also does not influence the behavior of their parents “.

Seriously, though symbolically, to have cut off the nets of the building site

“It is extremely serious that the principal himself, Massimo Ciglio, has been posting on his Facebook profile the parents of the students attending the ‘Lidia Plastina Pizzuti’ primary school in Cosenza. react against the construction of the building siteorganize a sit-in in front of the school and, though symbolic, personally cut the time that delimits the building site so that the event takes place in the area where the work of the municipality is done. If I repeat that I have always expressed positions of extreme guarantee in favor of freedom of opinion and therefore also freedom of expression, I can in this particular case not escape – the letter from Mayor Franz Caruso continues – byto highlight my rejection and my confusion about the method used, which certainly does not suit and does not suit those who have to provide other behavioral examples to the pupils of the school he directs ”.

The school can not abandon its task of training and education

“That is not the case,” Caruso wrote, “because of a disrespectful institution such as the municipality, nor its mayor, who contributes to the construction of a school that can truly become a democratic and civilian training ground. In these days, for other events , which involved a higher education institution in our hinterland – reminds the Mayor in his letter – It has been emphasized in many public declarations the need to overcome the encrustations, unfortunately still present in our society of a sexist culture from which we can not free ourselves, just as it becomes essential, especially in schools, to inspire behaviors to respect and improve differences and diversity, because the school can not fail to fulfill its unforgettable task, which is education, upbringing and the new generations. and so they do not discriminate, whatever their nature. ” The letter from the mayor to the management of the provincial school office and the regional school office finally ends with the request for the adoption of measures.

Damiano Covelli “no step back”

“Yesterday, the personal insults were addressed to the mayor, exploiting the children. Today, the injury of the building site on Via Roma, which draws some parents into the controversy. There is no limit to the arrogance of those who come from pure selfishness and / or personal protagonism would like Cosenza to continue living in the midst of labyrinthine and insane traffic, trying to undo the effort that this administration is making to move forward. .No step back!
We are moving forward with more determination to build a new future together, “said Commissioner Damiano Coevelli.

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