Contract renewal, teacher training: it will take place during service hours but away from teaching. ACT OF ADDRESS [PDF]

The Minister of Administration has issued the directive for the renewal of the CCNL for the three-year period 2019/2021, as far as the staff of the Ministry of Education and Research is concerned. Here is what is expected of compulsory teacher education.

The policy act, which starts the negotiations for the renewal of the contract, provides with regard to the training chapter that “within the general financial resources already present in the current legislation, there may be a number of mandatory training hours, which are finalized, are subject to the forms of trade union participation identified, and in accordance with the prerogatives of the collegiate bodies of the school “,

In particular, the text signed by Minister Brunetta, for Teacher Education “explains reference to innovative teaching methodologies in language and digital skills and the preparation of students for citizenship, the improvement of IT and digital skills for the use of IT tools Related to administrative work (digital transition), in order to accelerate the digital transformation of the school organization and learning processes.

The text underlines an important aspect: “In order to avoid staff costs and at the same time to ensure educational continuity, the contract must be recognized as working time during training hours, in any case which confirms contractual provisions in force, after which they must be used outside the classroom hours due to the flexibility of the compulsory teaching time also with regard to the staff who perform the teaching function in the framework of the training activities.

Therefore, it is confirmed what was predicted by Orizzonte Scuola, namely that the training takes place during service hours, but away from the hours that are strictly associated with the lessons.

As it is confirmed that “the contract, without new or greater costs borne by the State budget, the additional commitment provided for all staff, and without prejudice to the principle of remuneration for training activities, including the methods by such how the commitment to in-service training activities is certified, evaluated and consistently carried out with the activity, may be related to the recognition of the competencies acquired in the context of professional development developments, also in relation to the provisions of the Art. 24 by CCNL 2006-2009.

Therefore, economic value is recognized for those who train more.

School contract renewal, address deed issued [scarica PDF] Negotiations are underway with the unions

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