Continuing education incentivized for teachers: Bianchi paves the way for resource management. But the unions are protesting

One of the most contested points of the unions in the recruitment plan presented by Minister Bianchi concerns continuous initial training, on the basis of which there is a college for teachers with the aim of building a step-by-step path. which are divided into 4 years, which makes it possible to set up a training course, with which the salary increases can be linked. This is the basis that should lead to resource management.

The draft of the reform envisaged by Bianchi actually devotes much space to it: “In order to promote and support pedagogical and organizational innovation processes of the school and to strengthen school autonomy, the higher education institution referred to in Article 16-bis, within the framework of its availability, launches continuous training programs related to training activities stimulated with vocational training. Figures responsible for the organization of the school for planning and experimenting with new teaching methods“.

For this, “as part of the priorities of its collegiate bodies, each school autonomy identifies the numbers needed for the innovation needs provided for in the three-year training offer plan, in the self-assessment report and in the training offer plan.“.

Also, “to encourage access“to training”an accelerated salary progression mechanism is provided for teachers of all levels and levels of the school system. Upon successful completion of each training course, the salary progression foreseen by the national negotiations will be achieved in advance, currently linked exclusively to the length of service, which remains in full force.“.

For Bianchi, the opportunity is a good one to introduce the concept of career in school, a theme that leads to Middle management.

I would like to point out the important role of school principals and also of the middle management structure, which must support the work of managers. We must address the issue with a clear understanding of the fundamental role of the school: educationSaid Bianchi recently.

We must have an administration that is more efficient and more capable of interpreting time. Cages arise which, in order to be operational, must be agile“, he adds.

The unions do not like the method at all, also because the problems related to careers, training and salary increases are on the contractual field and not on a decree on recruitment.

Difficult to comment on the Flc Cgil: “about the careers of teachers Minister Bianchi illustrated with the decree the introduction of a new system: an innocent proposal that the FLC CGIL immediately rejected as inaccessible. In fact, we are facing the usual invasion of contractual matters, where we, without mentioning resources, by law, want to jump over the negotiating table, introduce a number of measures such as career acceleration and training for the so-called “middle management”. “and introduction of new professional figures“.

“The issues of recruitment and initial training and those of the career and incentive must be addressed separately as the latter two relate to the contractual sphere”, Donner Rino Di Meglionational coordinator of the teachers’ guild, at the end of the meeting.

We want to strengthen and systematise the training courses, and we have no suggestions for the possible effects of the training, also in terms of vocational and salary increasesHe observed Ivana Barbacci, Secretary-General of the CISL Scuola, who warns: “but these are strictly contractual issues, we do not accept any further invasion of the legislative field on matters that need to be discussed at the negotiating table. Rather, we ask the Minister, in addition to the school pact, to consistently support what has happened to the law on the renewal of the contract, which also contains interesting ideas precisely in the field of training and the expansion of professionalism.“.

Also the President of the ANP, Antonello GiannelliComments on the topic: “The provision actually refers to generic system functions related, in fact, to ephemeral figures that do not contribute to the structuring of schools and to the willingness to intercept of the many teachers that actually make up the structure of middle management.“.

Who instead approved the proposal of the Minister of Education Ancodisthe Association of School Managers’ Collaborators: “It seems to us that a beginning of attention to the question of progress is no longer solely linked to the duration of service. The idea of ​​opening up the ‘salary cage’ and increasing salaries with new criteria seems to us interesting and above all consistent with a modern school model that has to take into account ALL the strengths that characterize the teaching profession“.

Nom President Rosolino Cicero, “today is the time for communicative honesty and clarity of positions: the learning function must be recognized legally and contractually in its specificity, but also for the complexity that the autonomous school requires, it must be part of a common and transparent evaluation system, based on the school of autonomy, must ensure an internal dynamism that the aspirations of those who decide to experience the school with new times and in different ways.

Salary for teachers, 4-year training courses to advance increases. Bianchi’s proposal. Download DRAFT DECRE [PDF]

So you will become a teacher in the coming years: semi-qualification levels, salary increases related to training, a special path for historically precarious workers. DRAFT [PDF]

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