Contest reserved for support, first replacement then a year of training and testing. Final test before the role. The announcement is awaited

The Ministry of Education met with the trade unions for information about the extraordinary competition for specialists on support. The announcement is expected soon.

This is a procedure that the Budget Act 2021the result of an amendment approved by the parliamentary Vittoria Casa.

Here is a summary sheet from the Flc Cgil union which contains information about the next outstanding support competition.

Competition: it will be articulated nationally but on a regional basis. It can be used to assign the support posts of the various orders and grades of the school that remain in the event of the exhaustion of all other rankings that can be used for permanent recruitment purposes (including GAE and competition rankings). For high schools, this procedure can continue until December 31, 2025.

Who can participate: Teachers in possession of the specialization on the relative degree. Furthermore, those who have received the foreign qualification can participate fully if they have received the recognition. For those who are waiting for recognition, there is the possibility to participate with reservation, so that identification takes place after recognition.

How to participate and when: a special decree is issued by the Ministry, which defines the announcement and times for the presentation of the application. We already know that you can only apply for one region and for all places for which you have the title. The ranking is updated every two years.

Ranking by qualifications: Participants will be included in a regional ranking based on qualifications. For the evaluation of the qualifications, reference is made to Table A/7, which is attached to Ministerial Order 112 of 2022. In addition, all qualifications obtained on the occasion of the establishment of the provincial rankings for substitute players and validated.

Fixed-term assignment: the teachers who are placed in a useful position are identified and assigned to a school using a computerized procedure, where they receive an annual replacement contract (August 31). Teachers are expected to complete the training and test course with a final test provided by Ministerial Decree 226/2022. Those who successfully pass the course will be admitted to the disciplinary test of suitability with an external commission (on the model of the test intended for teachers from the GPS 1 band).

Permanent job: Teachers who pass the training and test year in the disciplinary test will be hired for an indefinite period from September 1 of the school year following that of the assignment and confirmed in the role of the same school in which they served on time determined.

Who does not pass the training and annual test period can repeat it once (Article 1, Section 119, of Law No.107 of July 13, 2015), according to the procedures set forth in Article 14, Section 3 et seq., of Ministerial Decree 226 of 2022.

Who will post the training and annual test period for justified reasons he keeps the fixed contract in the school where he did the assignment and repeats the path.

Who does not pass the disciplinary test he loses from the procedure and is not employed indefinitely. In this case you will be excluded from the ranking and you will not be able to access it in another region. The service provided is assessed as a fixed term assignment.

Disciplinary test: consists of an interview of the suitability which examines, in relation to the programs and strength of the ordinary competitions related to support posts, the property and the correct exercise, in relation to the experience gathered by the teacher and validated by the positive completion of training. and annual period of test, knowledge and skills aimed at an individual educational planning.
Verify the ability to develop an educational design that respects the rhythms and learning styles and needs of each student.
Ensure the ability to develop in close collaboration with the other members of the class balanced interventions between learning and socialization and the full exploitation of the skills and potential of the subject in training.
The test also assesses the ability to understand and speak English at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Test locations and times: they are notified by the regional school offices at least ten days before the date of the event, through a notification published in the respective registers and websites.

Reference framework for the evaluation of the disciplinary test: are those of the National Commission, which with the Ministerial Decree of May 5, 2022, n. 109, for the assessment of the evidence referred to in Article 8, Section 1, Letter b), of Ministerial Decree No. 242.

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