Contest regulations for school managers: all news

The new MIUR regulation regarding competitions for schoolchildren is coming.

This is the decree that governs the methods of performance of the bankruptcy proceedings access to Career as a school manager.

Here are the new rules for accessing the roles of school management, all the news and the Draft regulations in pdf to download for consultation.


Superior Council of Public Education (CSPI) published, in fact, the opinion of 3 February 2022 on the Decree Scheme by the Minister of Education, in agreement with the Minister for Public Administration and the Minister for the Economy and Finance, Competition is based on qualifications and exams for access to the roles of school management. In essence, the document contains the new rules for the upcoming competitions for school managers, which are banned by MIUR.

The provision leads some News for upcoming calls for school principals. Including the organization of insolvency proceedings on a regional basis. It should be noted that, in order to obtain definitive confirmation of the provisions, You have to wait for publication of the decree.

Let’s see in detail what the draft regulations for the next competitions for access to school management envisage, who participates in all new rules.


Here are the main rules for the new competitions for school leaders banned by MIUR:

  • the competitions are held every three yearstherefore a new call to the school manager is published every 3 years;

  • all competitions are organized on a regional basissubject to the availability of vacancies within the three-year reference period;

  • the USR is responsible for the procedure takes care of the organization of the competition, appoints the judges’ commissions, approves the merit arrangements and deals with all exclusions;

  • training and probationary period of School Directors is organized by the USR, which is responsible for its development and evaluation;

  • those places are are those who are free and available on the call date in state educational institutes, including provincial centers for adult education, and those who are expected to be free and available in the next three years, and to be available for retirement due to age limits and based on the average rate by the end of the service for other reasons. Places required to hire winners from previous contests are excluded;

  • it is possible to apply in a single region, under penalty of exclusion;

  • the exam tester ensures the completion of a written test and an oral test;

  • a possible preselection, Computer-based and unique to the entire national territory, it can be predicted if the number of candidates exceeds the number of places by 4 times;

  • the Preselective Test it consists of 50 multiple choice questions and takes place at the locations identified by the USR, possibly even in different sessions. The publication of the database of questions is not intended;

  • the written test, Computer-based and unique to the entire national territory, it consists of 5 open-ended questions and 2 questions in English, and takes place in the region for which the candidate has submitted a request to participate, and identified the places of the USR;

  • the oral exam is articulated in
    – an interview on the disciplinary areas of the written test;
    – a check on the knowledge and ability to use the computer tools and ICT most commonly used in schools;
    – a test of knowledge of the English language at B2 B2 level of the CEF, by reading and translating a text selected by the examination board into a conversation in English;

  • the Regional Ranking it consists of candidates who are usefully placed in the rankings, which fall in the number of places that are regionally available;

  • the validity of the ranking is equal to 3 years.


Can participate in contest notices for school managers Teaching staff and teaching staff of public schools and educational institutes employed by contract indeterminate and confirmed in rolein possession of the following requirements:

  • at least 5 years service;

  • Possession of one of the following qualifications (or equivalent or equivalent qualifications)
    zu. Maîtrise;
    b. Master’s degree;
    c. University degree obtained according to the old system;
    d. second level academic diploma from the institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance training (AFAM);
    In the. common old-system academic diploma with high school diploma.

For the purpose of the 5 pensions Service, only the role service actually provided is valid, except for the legal backdating periods. The services that can be evaluated in all respects as a pre-roll service in recognized equal schools and those that are calculated before the signing of the permanent contract are also valid. The service is understood to be delivered for a full year if it lasted at least 180 days or uninterrupted from February 1st until the final ballot.


While awaiting the publication of the decree, we will make the CSPI OPINION WITH THE DRAFT of the regulations for competitions for school managers.

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