Contest of Dante’s writing, the Ccr rewards 5 boys plus a special mention for the language high school

Five children were awarded the Romagna Cooperative Credit plus a special mention from the Institute. Ilaria Alpi State Linguistic High School of Cesena has organized a creative writing competition for children entering third, fourth and fifth grade. Participation was given on a voluntary basis and with great interest. In fact, 67 young people wanted to try their hand at producing a written and creative extension with analysis and interpretations of Dante’s texts, and compete with an experimental type of writing.

After several years of restrictions and defects due to Covid-19, Liceo Linguistico di Cesena wanted to resume activities and writing competition related to the “Week of Languages ​​and Cultures” for this school year 2021-2022. The contest was held for the first time exclusively in Italian (in recent years it was in a foreign language) in honor of the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet. The students were guided in an in-depth training course on Dante Alighieri, which ended with a Dante writing competition entitled “Per BEST CORRER WATER”, known as the Incipit of the Fire.

The award ceremony took place today, Thursday 17 March, in the Sala Eligio Cacciaguerra of Credito Cooperativo Romagnolo, in the presence of the teachers who worked together on the realization of the project. First place was Enrico Pieri 5 ° A, in second place Ilaria Zamagni 4 ° D and Benedetta Rosamilia 5 ° G, third place Elisabetta Giorgi 5 ° C and Ricardo Elian Contreras Tejeda 4 ° A. Furthermore, the institute gave Elia Gaggi, class 4 ° C, to the great satisfaction of the teachers an honorable mention. In addition to providing the space, the bank rewarded the winners, who remained anonymous until the day of the proclamation, with CCR brand backpack and water bottle and with a prepaid credit card with a charge proportional to the podium. The first class received 300 euros as a gift and the others a lower amount corresponding to their classification.

Valter Baraghini, President of the Credito Cooperativo Romagnolo, and School Director Valentina Biguzzi, who emphasized that “excellent works were produced, to the great satisfaction of the school committee, in which the children were good at combining history, Literature from a creative point of view, put to the test by a jury in a real competition “.

“Credito Cooperativo Romagnolo always pays special attention to young people – intervenes Valter Baraghini, President of the CCR – with a special focus on school and education, and provides concrete support for both institutions and young people representing the future.”


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