Compulsory teacher training 25 hours in classrooms with students with disabilities, secondary school: “Teacher plan needed”

According to the Ministerial Memorandum of 15 October on the Training of Teachers for the Disability of Students with Disabilities pursuant to paragraph 961, Art. 1 of the Law of 30 December 2020, n. 178 (Ministerial Decree 188 of 21.6.2021), which lays down the conditions for the fulfillment of the obligations. Here is the position of the Cub School

“Law 107/2015 defines compulsory, permanent and structural teacher education (paragraph 124 of Article 1 of L 107/2015), therefore every school must have a training plan in accordance with its own PTOF and it must be approved by the Board of Education. In connection with the latter “, recalls the union, which reports section 124 of Law 107/2015:” Within the framework of the obligations related to the teaching function, the training of permanent teachers is compulsory, permanent and structural. The training activities are of the individual educational institutions defined in accordance with the three-year plan of the training offer and with the results obtained from the
Plans for improvement of educational institutions provided for in the Regulation referred to in the Decree of the President of the Republic of 28 March 2013, n. 80, on the basis of the national priorities set out in the National Training Plan, adopted every three years by decree of the Minister of Education, University and Research, after consultation with the trade unions representing the category.

Teacher education in classes with students with disabilities, the ministry is setting the deadline for March 30th. NOTE

It’s clear, writes Cub Scuola, so that:
– the training has no time constraints (MIUR Note n. 25134 of 01/06/2017); the DS can only sanction if the training of the teaching body has been approved
– it should be carried out during service hours so that it does not constitute an increase in the learning function
– is free, as long as it is consistent with the PTOF
– Teachers can also train independently by certifying the lessons themselves, but request that this recognition be included in the PTOF
– all teachers (permanent and non-permanent) can benefit from the 5 paid days per year, provided to participate in the course with full exemption from service (Part 5, Art 64 of CCNL 2006/2009) without presenting a replacement plan, as such permissions do not at the discretion of the Management
– CCNI 2016/18 (last update of the contract) did not make any changes to the training of teachers.

In light of this, the Cub continues press release, which provides for the above-mentioned regulations, paragraph 961 of Art. 1 Budget Act n.178 / 2020 allocated additional funds for the obligation “… of non-specialized teachers and support in committed classes with students with disabilities …”; in this regard, the MIUR subsequently issued Decree no. 188/2021 of 21/06/21, which confirms the participation of these teachers in this course. The latter, however, reads as follows: “… The relevant teaching staff is invited for the school year 2021/2022 to a training on inclusive topics, in accordance with the provisions of the above-mentioned decree Minister 188 account of the information provided in this note is addressed to training centers, which have the task of organizing training activities … “

Each school must return the admissions of the teachers concerned to the Ministry by 30 November.

It is obvious that:
– “… staff are invited …” and therefore the invitation is not an obligation
– Teachers with specialization qualifications are not required to participate
Teachers who do not have students with disabilities in their classes do not have to participate

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