completed the work to secure the façade

The “Viscontino”, the Ennio Quirino Visconti State Middle School in Monti District and via IV Novembre, is finally secured. The works, which began on 20 September 2021, concern the façade and balcony of Palazzo Ceva and were carried out by Sorgente Sem specializing in the conservative restoration of prestigious properties.

Built in the eighteenth century and part of the archeological site of the Trajan markets, Palazzo Ceva has been public property for over a century, subject to architectural protection, expropriated “for reasons of public service” by the municipality in 1888.

Since 2015, there have been several hypotheses about the evacuation of high schools housed in the prestigious but insecure building, an attempt that schoolteacher Piera Guglielmi herself recalled in a circular five months ago: “Parents, teachers and the The students did not give in to the power of those who at the same time forgot a building that housed a school, after the work that was not completed, in 2006.

Fourteen years of slopes to “stop” the façade and the furniture. In the meantime, the school “reopened and secured the terrace” – explained the director of “Viscontino” – deleted the third floor, recovered furniture, books, historical archives, created a lecture hall, two classrooms and the bathroom on the third restored … plan, replaced 17 fixtures and painted the rooms “.

Now the security measures concern the monumental entrance “which was in terrible disrepair” says the publication at the end of the work “with provisional shoring interventions to support the balcony above the entrance door”. The works involve the structural restoration, the elimination of the shoring, the dismantling of the cut stone parts of the balustrade, the replacement of the oxidized iron pins and clamps, the reconstruction of the front panels and parts of the intrados in plaster, the restoration of the stone elements, the restoration of the wooden door and the precious decoration present under the balcony and on the shelves.

“It was teamwork that made it possible for young generations and children to have an entrance worthy of the school,” said Alfonsina Russo, director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park. School intended as a training ground for the future. And I thank all those who worked to preserve and pass on our heritage to the city for this work. “


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