Competition for technical people, opinion of CSPI: 146 recruitments are on the way

Some updates on the Technical driving license competition. In fact, the Opinion of the CSPI (Higher Council of Public Education) on the draft decree of the Minister of Education Methods for performing the technical inspection function. Specifically, the collegiate body requested that the Ministry of Education urgently announce the competition for technical managers with inspection functions.

In fact, the CSPI document emphasizes that “to achieve the objectives set out in the draft decree object of the present opinion, the current staff of one hundred and fifty technical managers, provided for by DPCM 166/2020, is completely insufficient and considers it essential for the staff expand.. “It still is:”For what has already been said, in order to ensure continuity and a stable institutional breath to this figure, it is hoped that the administration prohibited urgently the competition already authorized under the Decree-Law n. 126/2019, amended with amendments to Act no. 159/2019.

In the next sections, we will see in detail how many recruits were requested by the CSPI, all the prerequisites for participating in the future competition procedure and the required exams.

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Technical Executive Competition: Places available

As stated in the opinion of the CSPI: “The change made for art. 419 of the Legislative Decree. 297/1994 of the Decree-Law n. 73/2021, amended with amendments to Law no. 106/2021, concerning the procedures for the competition for technical managers, shortens the time for issuing the announcement and conducting the competition tests. It is therefore possible with the recruitment of one hundred and forty-six executors Technician necessary to tend to the realization of the workforce required by Prime Ministerial Decree 166/2020.

Therefore, in order to achieve the objectives set out in the relevant decree and to strengthen the current staff, which is considered insufficient, according to the CSPI, an urgent insolvency procedure for the recruitment of 146 Technical Manager.

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Technical Executives Contest: Requirements

The following will be able to participate in the future selection of technical managers:

  • the School leaders State educational institutions;
  • the Teaching staff and teaching staff of state schools and educational institutes in possession of a master’s or specialist degree, or a diploma obtained according to the previous system, a second level academic diploma issued by institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance education (AFAM), or an academic diploma obtained on the basis of the former common system with a high school diploma, and who grew up general seniorityalso indicated in the various profiles, of at least 10 years.

Competition for Technical Executives: Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for accessing the role of technical manager with inspection functions is divided into the following phases:

  • first written test,
  • second written test,
  • oral examination.

As in Art. 422 of the Consolidated Act, the selection boards have a total of 200 points, of which:

  • 100 to be assigned written tests,
  • 60 for the oral examination,
  • 40 for the evaluation of qualifications.

The oral exam aims to recognize the personal development and critical evaluation skills of the candidates, including by discussing the discussion about the candidates. Topics of the written testsas well as on the Italian school legislation.

There is also the phase of Qualification evaluation, which is conducted only for candidates who have passed the oral examination.

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