Competition for school principal, preparation course: 28 coaches, 200 videos, thousands of quizzes for pre-selection. Introductory price 289 euros

The course is divided into 9 thematic areas, the publication calendar and the number of lessons of each area are available in the following list.

THEMATIC AREA 1 (39 Lessons)

Legislation refers to the education and training system and the ORDINATIONS of studies in Italy with particular attention to the ongoing reform processes

THEMATIC AREA 2 (6 Lessons) – available until February

Methods of conducting complex organizations, with particular reference to the reality of state schools and educational institutions

THEMATIC AREA 3 (13 Lessons) – available until March

Processes of planning, management and evaluation of educational institutions, with particular reference to the preparation and management of the three-year plan of the educational offer, to the preparation of the self-assessment report and the improvement plan, within the framework of the autonomy of the educational institutions in relation to the formation needs of the territory

THEMATIC AREA 4 (16 Lessons) – available until March

Organization of learning environments, in particular with the inclusion of the school, digital innovation and innovation processes in education

THEMATIC AREA 5 (21 Lessons) – Available until March

Work organization and personnel management, in particular on the reality of school staff

THEMATIC AREA 6 (9 Lessons) – Available until April

Legislation refers to the assessment and self-assessment of staff, learning and school systems and processes

THEMATIC AREA 7 (8 Lessons) – Available until May

Elements of civil and administrative law, with special reference to the legal obligations and typical responsibilities of the teacher, as well as criminal law with special reference to crimes against public administration and to the detriment of minors

THEMATIC AREA 8 (5 lessons) – Available until May

State accounting method, with particular reference to financial planning and management at state schools and educational institutions and affiliated special companies

THEMATIC AREA 9 (5 lessons) – Available until May

Education systems in the countries of the European Union

The thematic areas from 2 to 9 are progressively activated on the basis of the pre-arranged publication dates.

The course, in e-learning format, is non-refundable.

Before completing your purchase, please contact customer support [email protected] for any explanations or questions.

List of 28 coaches that have contributed to the completion of the course:

  • Dr. Angelo Prontera – Director – Coordinator of coaches and project managers
  • Dr. Giuseppe Alfredo Bonelli – UST Brescia Manager
  • Dr. Francesco Pignataro – Director and ITS President
  • Dr. Mario Maviglia – Former School Inspector and Supervisor of Brescia Studies
  • Dr. Giovanna D’Onghia – Teacher
  • Dr. Eva Nicolò – Teacher
  • Dr. Rita Borton – former headmaster
  • Dr. Mary Magdalene of Maglie – Teacher
  • Dr. Giacomo Mondelli – Former teacher
  • Dr. Carmela Rossiello – Teacher
  • Dr. Simona Arnone – CPIA School Director
  • Dr. Mario Nocera – Teacher
  • Dr. Ivana Summa – Teacher
  • Dr. Nicoletta Paterni – Teacher
  • Dr. Sabina Tartaglia – Teacher
  • Dr. Enrico Passera – Teacher
  • Dr. Donatella Martinisi – Teacher
  • Dr. Giovanni Spalice – Direct and INDIRE Collaborator
  • Dr. Falco Michele – Teacher
  • Dr. Stefania Montesano – School director at USR
  • Dr. Lorella Zauli – Teacher
  • Dr. Michele Falco – Former principal
  • Dr. Renato Narcisi – DPO
  • Dr. Anna Armone – Expert in the science of school administration
  • Prof. Massimiliano Blandini – RSPP
  • Dr. Francesco Marcato – DSGA
  • Doctor of Laws Paolo Piccione (licensed to practice the legal profession)
  • Dr. Lucio Raspa – Former teacher

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