Competition for school principal, draft regulation: opinion of the Cspi

*Update from 07.02.2022: at its meeting of 3 February 2022, the CSPI (Higher Education Council), he expressed his opinion on the rules of the next competition for school directors, the Minister of Education, in agreement with the Minister for Public Administration and with the Minister for the Economy and Finance.

In particular, the opinion of the CSPI states the need to start the selection process as soon as possible School leaders fir “an irreplaceable and indispensable fulfillment to guarantee the functionality and development of the schools“. In addition, as stated in Article 2, the SPI requires teachers to have access to future insolvency proceedings.”with permanent and fixed contracts. “

Opinion of the CSPI

In the coming months, not only the recruitment of teachers through the selections for secondary and primary schools, but also the recruitment of School leaders with a new one Contest.

Following the recent progress, in fact, the information provided to the Ministry of Education on the definition of the procedures for carrying out the competition procedure has been completed. Among the news is that the competition takes place on a regional rather than a national basis, without training or internship, with the aim of having the 2023/24 ranking ready.

School contests, all news

Let us now consider all the requirements required for participation in the competition and the examinations required by the regulations that will be published.

Competition for school leaders: Requirements

According to the draft regulation, only teachers and educators of public schools and educational institutes, who are employed under permanent contracts and confirmed in the role in accordance with current legislation, have access to the competition procedure. In addition, the candidate must necessarily have one Service of at least 5 years in the educational institutions of the national education system.

Possession of one of the following qualifications is also required:

  • Maîtrise;
  • Master’s degree;
  • Diploma Diploma according to the didactic regulations before the Ministerial Decree of 3 November 1999, n. 509;
  • second level academic diploma issued by institutions of higher artistic, musical and dance training;
  • common old-system academic diploma with high school diploma.

In any case, in order to have confirmation of what is being written about the indispensable requirements for access to the competition, it will be necessary to wait for the publication of the relative decree.

Competition for School Manager: Exam Tests

Following the progress on the project regulation of Orizzonte Scuola, the selection procedure of Competition for school leaders consists of three phases, divided as follows:

  • a preselective test Computer based: this will be called if at the regional level the number of candidates should be more than four times the number of places, and will not be used for the publication of the database of related questions. The pre-selection consists of the resolution of 50 questions in 100 minutes over 8 disciplinary areas, the same as that of the written one;
  • a written test Computer based: consists of the administration of a total of 5 open questions, with two questions in English;
  • oral exam: it consists of an oral interview on the disciplinary areas required for the written test, to review the candidate’s professional preparation on the examination topics and the ability to review a case regarding the function of the school principal .

As part of the oral examination, the knowledge and ability to use the computer tools and ICTs most commonly used in CEF level B2 schools will also be tested. The candidate must in fact read and translate a text chosen by the examination board and translate a conversation into English.

Competition for School Managers: Exam Subjects

The five open-ended questions that are put to the candidate during the written test – and on which pre-selection and the oral test are also based – focus on the following subject areas:

  • Legislation refers to the education and training system and the systems of study in Italy with particular attention to the ongoing reform processes;
  • Methods of conducting complex organizations, with particular reference to the reality of state schools and educational institutions;
  • Processes of planning, management and evaluation of educational institutions, with particular reference to the preparation and management of the three-year plan of the educational offer, the preparation of the self-assessment report and the improvement plan, within the framework of the autonomy of the educational institutions and Relation to the formation needs of the territory;
  • Organization of teaching environments, in particular with the inclusion of the school, digital innovation and innovation processes in the teaching staff;
  • Work organization and personnel management, in particular on the reality of school staff;
  • Assessment and self-assessment of staff, learning and school systems and processes;
  • Elements of civil and administrative law, in particular on the legal obligations and typical responsibilities of the school principal, as well as criminal law with special reference to crimes against the public administration and to the detriment of minors;
  • State accounting method, with particular reference to financial planning and management at state schools and educational institutions and affiliated special firms;
  • Education systems of the countries of the European Union.

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